Life after SAE: Simeon Geyer


Simeon Geyer started to work on film sets the same time he started his studies at the SAE Institute Berlin. As soon as he finished his SAE Diploma he supported other students in their training as a Supervisor. A year later he successfully finishing his BA studies in Digital Film Making & VFX at SAE Institute Berlin in late 2014.

Fotos: Simeon Geyer

mirror-girlHalf a year later he left Berlin and moved to London to pursue his dream to work on international projects as a freelance camera operator and DP. And that’s exactly what he is doing right now. For a bit more than half a year now he is based in London and worked for a variety of clients and talents including Dame Shirley Bassey, Ronan Keating and NFL UK Right now he is set to realize a passion project: an international short film about a musician’s journey to find her own voice. Knowing that filmmaking is a team effort he teamed up with professionals from all over the world. So far the team is made up of 20 talents form 11 countries and it keeps growing.

girl-walking-meadowAsking Simeon to explain what the short film is about he has a lot to say since the story has more than just one facet but putting it in a nutshell it would go like this: “After the death of her abusive father a struggling artist runs away, to find love and ultimately her own voice.”
“Many people in our team are musicians themselves or have a background in music and of course this influenced the idea and story for this film. Music is an essential part of almost everyone’s life. It is incredibly influential to your mood, gives you new strength and even has the power to carry you through tough times.” But this film is not only for musicians but about finding your own voice, your own being in whatever you do.

meadow-walkingThe film will be set in London as well as Berlin since they are two of the most influential cities on music for the past few decades. Also both cities and their vibes will play an important part for the story and the artists development. While the team is applying for film funding in the UK as well as Germany they are currently trying to raise the main part of the budget via their kickstarter campaign to realize this passion project. And since not only Simeon and director Andreas Kranzler, but also other team members are having a background in education and working with students they want to give insights into the making of this film to everyone who supports this project. And of course there are much more rewards.

piano“We are not talking about a polished making of video but a (almost) live production blog where everyone from the team gives you honest insight from his or her individual point of view. What struggles did we have writing the script? How did the process of early casting look like? Why did we have to shoot three teasers before we where happy with the results?” explains Simeon and adds that he personally will focus on the creative and technical part of his job as a DP. “We believe that this project is not about us making a film but about telling a relevant story and at the same time giving everyone the chance to get an honest and valuable look on how an international short film is being made.”



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