SAE Alumni Awards 2014 – The Winners!


It was a night of glitz and glamour at this year’s SAE Alumni Awards Ceremony held at one of Berlin’s most exclusive nightclubs – the Adagio. The awards signalled the start of the most spectacular Convention Party ever as the crowd went crazy, cheering to rapturous applause as the winners were announced.

Text: Steve Hartley; Photos: Lars Goldbach

Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, SAE Alumni Association Convention party saw award winners from five European campuses; Cologne, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin and Stuttgart, scoop the night’s prestigious creative media awards at the impressive Adagio nightclub, setting the mood for the evening’s celebrations.

Awards Ceremony host Mehdi Benkirane

Awards Ceremony host Mehdi Benkirane

This year’s high profile show screened the Awards trailer with heavy low-end sounds that shook the house while Mehdi Benkirane from SAE Amsterdam took the stage to host the anniversary show.

Each category was introduced by members of the Awards Jury followed by short clip screenings of the winning entries. Such was the excellence of their work; the winners were given a tumultuous applause from a packed house as they went on stage to receive their awards.

Scott Jones, CEO SAE Global

Scott Jones, CEO SAE Global

Scott Jones, SAE Institute Global CEO paid tribute to the winners with an inspirational speech highlighting how deeply impressed he was by the excellence of their work and congratulating all entrants on their achievements.

2014 has been a bonanza year for the awards. Not only did the winners receive a trophy, the campus where they were trained to such a high professional standard was also awarded a trophy. Members of the academic staff and Alumni Chapter Presidents received these awards on behalf of those campuses.

Peter ‘Pan’ Pulfer, SAE Alumni CEO said, “The SAE Convention and Alumni Awards have been legendary over the last 10 years, celebrating not only the highest achievements in creative media education but also the value of the global SAE family who share knowledge and support for each other.

And finally, a rallying call to all SAE Alumni and students out there. Please, let this year’s awards event inspire you to create your own masterpieces and enter them for 2015. Information about when and where to make your submissions will follow later, so please stay tuned and keep in contact with your local Chapter President – good luck!”

José Miguel Biscaya, Christopher Kerstan, Floh Richter

José Miguel Biscaya, Christopher Kerstan, Floh Richter

The SAE Alumni Awards winners 2014:

Best Film Production
Winner: M. Chris Kerstan
Piece: “Steampunk Coke
Campus: SAE Cologne
Chapter President: Florian “Floh” Richter
Presenter: José Miguel Biscaya (SAE Amsterdam)


Emiliano Alborghetti, Nicolas Robin, Jérôme De Greif

Emiliano Alborghetti, Nicolas Robin, Jérôme De Greif

Best Music Production
Winner: Nicolas Robin
Piece: Toxic Mixture: Run
Campus: SAE Brussels
Presenter: Emiliano Alborghetti (SAE Milan)



Michael Höhndorf, Thijs Willemsen, Bruce Gibb

Michael Höhndorf, Thijs Willemsen, Bruce Gibb

Best Game Production
Winner: Thijs Willemsen
Piece: “Float
Campus: SAE Amsterdam
Chapter President: Bruce Gibb
Presenter: Michael Höhndorf (SAE Berlin)



Pan Pulfer, Mim Phillipson, Boris Kummerer

Pan Pulfer, Mim Phillipson, Boris Kummerer

Best Cross Media Production
Winner: Mim Phillipson
Piece: “3 by Three Berlin
Campus: SAE Berlin
Chapter President: Boris Kummerer
Presenter: Peter ‘Pan’ Pulfer (SAE Alumni Europe)




Michael Zöller, Angelo Felchle, Thorsten Scheckenbach

Best Web Production
Winner: Angelo Felchle
Piece: “One Day Star
Campus: SAE Stuttgart
Chapter President: Thorsten “Schecke” Scheckenbach
Presenter: Michael Zöller (SAE Leipzig)


SAE Alumni Awards 2014 Jury members:

Panagiotis „Panos” Kouvelis (SAE Athens), Ezequiel “Ziggy” Polbach (SAE Barcelona), Perica Šuran (SAE Ljubljana), José Miguel Biscaya (SAE Amsterdam), Emiliano Alborghetti (SAE Milan), Michael Zöller (SAE Leipzig), Peter ‘Pan’ Pulfer, Timo Krämer, Saskia Rinne (SAE Alumni Association Europe)

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