SAE Alumni Awards and SAE Students Awards 2016 – The Winners!


The winners of the eleventh SAE Alumni Awards and SAE Students Awards 2016 have been announced and honoured for their achievements and excellence in creative media at an award ceremony in Cologne. The evening gala, held at the E-Werk, celebrated once again the creativity, passion and professionalism of students and alumni,  before the ‘legendary’ SAE Alumni Convention party started.

SAE Alumni Awards Trailer has been produced by blackmonkey (thanks so much – you are awesome!)

The SAE Alumni Awards for best film, audio, music, animation, game, cross media and web production were awarded to SAE Alumni from SAE campuses in Perth, Paris, Glasgow, Oxford, Cologne and Stuttgart. The Students Awards were won by students from SAE Institute Cologne, Liverpool, Berlin and Frankfurt. The awards ceremony was hosted by Mehdi Benkirane from SAE Amsterdam, who was supported by the audicence with cheers and celeberrimous applause.

Each category was introduced by members of the awards jury followed by short clip screenings of the winning entries chosen by the panel of judges from more than 190 submissions. Timo Kraemer, Awards Manager commented, “We received so many excellent and creative work from our alumni and students from all around the world, that it has been really challenging to make a decision in the end.“


Scott Jones, SAE Institute Global CEO and Alumni Awards Patron paid tribute to the winners emphasising the exceptional creativity and high professionalism of entries this year and congratulating the deserved winners.
Praise also came from Peter ‘Pan’ Pulfer, organiser of the SAE Alumni Convention: “We have been thrilled by the outstanding submissions that we receveid this year! The SAE Alumni Awards are a unique and fantastic way to honor and celebrate the extraordinary work done by our students and alumni.“

The award gala and the party at E-Werk have been attended by numerous SAE Institute students, alumni, staff and guests from the creative industries, who celebrated with live music, DJs  and the traditional ‘1000 litres of free beer’.

The SAE Alumni Awards winners 2016:

Jo Antonysz, Hayden Fortescue, Ezequiel Polbach

Best Film Production
Winner: Hayden Fortescue
Project: “Council
Campus: SAE Perth
SAE Manager: ((Jo Antonysz))
Presenter: Ezequiel Polbach (SAE Barcelona)




Andreas Hauber, Elysa Lenert, Nicolas Verastegui

Best Animation Production
Winner: Elysa Lenert
Project: “Marsh Factory
Campus: SAE Paris
Campus Manager: Nicolas Verastegui
Presenter: Andreas Hauber (SAE Cologne)




Daniel Brzezinski, Tony McHugh, Bruce Gibb

Best Music Production
Winner: Tony McHugh
Project:  “Who Even Listens To A Capella”
Campus: SAE Glasgow
Campus Manager: Tommy Wylie
SAE Alumni UK Coordinator: Danie Brzezinski
Presenter: Bruce Gibb (SAE Amsterdam)




Robert Kidd

Best Audio Production
Winner: Robert Kidd
Project:  “Ghost Train”
Campus: SAE Oxford
Campus Manager: Alexia Gonzalez
Presenter: Aryan Marzban (SAE Stockholm)




Thorsten Schmiedel

Best Game Production
Winner: Thorsten Schmiedel

Project: “Looterkings
Campus: SAE Cologne
Campus Manager: Pierre Degardin
Presenter: Niko Merkas (SAE Stuttgart)




Felix Gerhardt, Catharina Pfeffer, Peter Pan Pulfer

Best Cross Media Production
Winner: Catharina Pfeffer
Project: “Drawing a Story”
Campus: SAE Stuttgart
Campus Manager: Felix Gerhardt
Presenter: Peter ‚Pan’ Pulfer (SAE Alumni)



Jens Nüesch

Best Web Production

Winner: Jens Nüesch
Project: “bwh Suitcase Foam Builder”
Campus: SAE Stuttgart
Campus Manager: Felix Gerhardt
Presenter: Christoph Fischer (SAE Köln)




The SAE Students Awards winners 2016:

Greta Spitczok

Best Film Production
Winner: Greta Spitczok
Project: “Children’s Cancer Help”
Campus: SAE Cologne
Campus Manager: Pierre Degardin
Presenter: Ezequiel Polbach (SAE Barcelona)



Natalie Burghard, Pierre Degardin, Laura Hübner

Best Animation Production
Winner: Laura Hübner
Project: “MegaByte”
Campus: SAE Cologne
Campus Manager: Pierre Degardin
Presenter: Niko Merkas (SAE Stuttgart)




Pierre Degardin, Franziska Köhl, Bruce Gibb

Best Music ProductionWinner: Franziska Köhl

Project:  “Locked Out Of Heaven (Chill Edit)”
Campus: SAE Cologne
Campus Manager: Pierre Degardin
Presenter: Bruce Gibb (SAE Amsterdam)



Götz Hannemann, Olivia McLaughlin, Daniel Brzezinski

Best Audio Production
Winner: Mark Derwent
Project:  “We need to talk”
Campus: SAE Liverpool
SAE UK Manager: Olivia McLaughlin
SAE UK Alumni Coordinator: Daniel Brzezinski
Presenter: Götz Hannmann (SAE Marketing)



Peter Duhr, Simon Sommer

Best Game Production
Winner: Simon Sommer
Project: “WitchHeart”
Campus: SAE Berlin
Campus Manager: Peter Duhr
Presenter: Nico Merkas (SAE Stuttgart)




Pierre Degardin, Philipp Huber

Best Cross Media Production
Winner: Philipp Huber
Project: “Audi Sound Concept”
Campus: SAE Cologne
Campus Manager: Pierre Degardin
Presenter: Peter ‚Pan’ Pulfer (SAE Alumni)




Christian Ruff, Tom Henneken

Best Web Production
Winner: Tom Henneken
Project: “Consilio”
Campus: SAE Frankfurt
Campus Manager: Christian Ruff
Presenter: Christoph Fischer (SAE Köln)




Chris Müller, Scott Jones

Special SAE Alumni Award
Chris Müller, CEO, SAE Germany, Switzerland, Austria
20 Years Of Genuine Dedication
Presenter: Scott Jones, CEO SAE Global





SAE Alumni and Students Awards 2016 - The Winners

SAE Alumni and Students Awards 2016 Jury members:

Adam Lowe (Liverpool), Andreas Hauber (Cologne), Aryan Marzban (Stockholm), Bruce Gibb (Amsterdam), Caro Langenkamp (Stuttgart), Christoph Fischer (Cologne), Cyril Cohen (Paris), Eric Wager (Paris), Ezequiel Polbach (Barcelona), Mehdi Benkirane (Amsterdam), Niko Merkas (Stuttgart), Nikos Patiniotis (Athens), Peter ‚Pan’ Pulfer (Alumni Headquarters), Timo Krämer (Berlin)




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