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SAE Alumni Association

The SAE Alumni Association is SAE Institute’s student and graduate network. True to our motto Connect, Learn, Succeed, we have spent the last decade growing an unparalleled network of media professionals dedicated to supporting one another’s success in the industry.

Active membership in social and professional networks is becoming increasingly important. A long standing tradition in international academic institutions, Alumni Relations extends its services not only to graduates, but also to current students, fostering communication between learner and professional. The resulting network and interpersonal connections can be a driving force in your studies and career.

The SAE Alumni Network is the perfect platform to connect with lecturers, fellow students and industry professionals. Our international community is made up of more than 12,000 members in Europe alone; almost every SAE campus operates a local alumni chapter. Your chapter president will share the latest career opportunities, news and industry discounts as well as inviting you to workshops, seminars and other events.

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The sole requirement for joining is an SAE diploma or SAE BA/BSc .

Connect. Learn. Succeed.