Local Alumni Events & advantages

Alumni Chapter

Even outside the big convention, the SAE Alumni Association provides much more than just online services. When dealing with real people, nothing can replace personal contact. Alumni campus life offers many highlights.

Workshops and Master Classes
“Life-long learning” is more than just a phrase: continued success in any field requires keeping up with the times. That is why alumni chapters in cooperation with SAE Institute offer high-class workshops and master classes. Many of these events are free of charge!

Regular Round Tables
Regional regular round tables provide ample opportunity for an informal exchange of ideas and for socializing. Here you can meet former students as well as established alumni and members of the media industry.

Community Events
Throughout the year, campuses and chapters organize barbecues, football tournaments, foosball challenges and more. Celebrating together is a big part of who we are.

Local Industry Contacts
As industry relations officers, SAE Alumni chapter presidents maintain close ties with the local industry, so staying in touch with the chapter is an easy way for you to keep on top of what’s going on in your region.