SAE Institute Berlin: New campus in Kreuzberg


News from Berlin: In autumn 2016 the Berlin campus moved to the media hotspot of Berlin, right into the urban and inspiring Kreuzberg, near the Spree.

SAE Institute Berlin: The Start-Up Capital

Berlin continues to attract artists, creative people and young entrepreneurs – this innovative metropolis is considered to be an international melting pot of humanities and media and was elected by the famous city developer and author Richard Florida to be the only German city with the title „Creative City“ – thus, Berlin is in line with cities such as New York, London and Shanghai.

Fotos: TANJA REH, STAHL- UND VERBUNDBAU GMBH und Ehsan Haghighat, SAE Institute Berlin

However, Berlin stands out not only for her creativity, international character and charm, but also for her impressive achievements in the creative industry, the same industry which is responsible for Berlin and it’s region largest market growth. Thus, making Berlin and the Brandenburg area the most substantial locations inside of Germany regarding the games industry, new media, web development, mobile content and of course an unofficial music capital.  

Learning by doing in the greenscreen at Berlin campus

Learning by doing in the greenscreen at Berlin campus

Many significant companies and international players in the media industry are located in Berlin and the surrounding area such as Wooga, Big Point, SoundCloud, Universal, UFA and even Axel Springer.

Berlin also offers an exciting music scene, hip bars and clubs, a great theater repertoire, plenty of operas and concert halls, a lively arts scene with numerous museums and exhibitions and galleries and studios in addition to internationally renowned major events such as the Berlinale, Fashion Week or the Berlin Music Week.

Nevertheless, despite the continued growth of the capital’s popularity, rent and living costs remain relatively low in comparison to other German cities and are still affordable.


Hands-on workshop with the best equipment

The SAE Institute Berlin opened in 1988 and is one of the most experienced degree-centers with multidisciplinary projects. Thanks to the close contact of SAE’s lecturers with the creative industry, students have plenty of options and opportunities to collaborate – with major players such as the Berlinale – in order to look behind the scenes and gather experience or establish contacts. Further more, the Berlin campus is characterized by its generous, modern premises.

Berlin quick facts: SAE Institute Berlin offers all of their courses and degree program also in English:

Living costs: A student average rent cost plus charges are 298,00 Euro per month. Source: DAAD

The city of Startup companies: attractive jobs in the creative sector!

Peter Duhr – Campus Manager

Motto: problems are there to be solved.

What I would like to give our students for the road: „Sometimes one must take the detour to reach to the right destination“.

Summer or Winter? „Spring, summer, fall and winter.“.


Anat Gilad – Carrer Advisor

Anat Gilad

Anat Gilad

Motto: „Live life to the fullest“

What am I happy about: „A sunny, warm Sunday“

Hobby: „Vegan cooking“

Summer or Winter? „Spring“.


Boris Kummerer – Industry Contacts & Graduates mediation

Motto: „Think positive“.

What I would like to give our students for the road: „Always stay in movement“.

What am I happy about: „Sunshine“.

Summer or Winter? „All of the 4 seasons“               


Stefanos Binos – Career Advisor

Stefanos Binos

Motto: „Connect. Learn. Succeed.”

My advice for students: Soft Skills + Hard Skills = success

My favourite movie:  Naked Gun 1,2 and 3 🙂


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