SAE Alumnus Joy Deb runs for Sweden @ Eurovision Song Contest


With former student and now staff member Joy Deb SAE Stockholm has another bright shining star in their midst. Together with Anton Malmberg Hård af Segerstad and Linnéa Deb Joy wrote the winning title “Heroes” for singer Måns Zelmerlöw and won the Swedish Melodifestival 2015.  Best of luck to “Heroes” at the Eurovision Song Contest final in Vienna!

Joy Deb

Joy Deb

This is actually the second time that Joy wins the final, together with his co-writer, producer and life partner Linnéa Deb. Last year they ended up at second place, missing the top position with only two points! That song however (Ace Wilder – Busy Doin´Nothing) later became one of the most played songs in many europeean countries and has to date been streamed over 28,5 million times on Spotify.

Not only did he win the Swedish Eurovision Song contest final, but he also threw an epic production seminar for SSES (Swedish Sound Engineer Society) and SAE Alumni Sweden in our Soundtrade Studio. SAE Alumni Sweden and SSES got together to build and even further strengthen their network and share best practices. Beside the production seminar held by Joy Deb, SAE Stockholm had invited Linda Portnoff from Musiksverige (music industry umbrella organisation) to present the latest statistics from the music industry. The whole thing was then rounded off by a panel discussion where the future of the industry was discussed.

Congratulations to Joy, and many thanks to all the members from SSES and SAE Alumni Sweden that participated and made it a memorable evening!



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