SAE Institute gives students unlimited use of Epidemic Sound’s music library


SAE Institute, the global leader in media technology education have signed an agreement with Epidemic Sound giving students on all European campuses unlimited use of the Epidemic Sound music library for all their student productions.

by Mehdi Benkirane

Epidemic Sound, whose music library is used by TV broadcasters, production companies and online video creators all over the world, is the first catalogue that visual content creators can use in any country, on any platform, forever. And, unlike traditional production music libraries, no additional charges, reporting or restrictions are ever required of anyone.

The cooperation between Epidemic Sound and SAE gives students on all European campuses, unlimited use of the Epidemic Sound production music library for a trial period. This equals access to more than 25,000 unique tracks that are tagged and formatted for Epidemic Sound’s advanced search and music editing tools. Each track is split into STEMS – individual tracks where the instruments can be heard and edited separately – thereby creating over 100,000 sound files available for use.

Oscar Höglund

Oscar Höglund

Oscar Höglund, Epidemic Sound CEO and co-founder, said: “Using our music ensures that the videos created by the students can be enjoyed by any one, anywhere, on any device. Since our music has cleared rights, it eliminates the risk of the films created being blocked or sued due to the soundtrack – a common occurrence that can cost organisations like SAE, and ultimately the video content creators, hundreds of millions of dollars every year. We know the students are proud of their work and we want them to be able to share it as much as possible.“

In addition to SAE Institute, a few of Epidemic Sound’s current customers include broadcasters such as SVT, Channel5/Viacom and RTL; production companies Zodiak, Metronome and Fremantle Media; Online companies Freedom!, Disney’s Maker and Base 79; and brands such as McDonalds, Porsche and Red Bull.

About Epidemic Sound
Epidemic Sound is reinventing production music with the first library that gives visual content creators use of professional-quality soundtracks in any country, on any platform, forever, for only a small fee. No additional charges are ever required of anyone. Founded in 2009 by award-winning Swedish music, TV and Internet entrepreneurs, Epidemic Sound doesn’t represent music, it owns it, buying directly from composers when tracks are created to give today’s generation of musicians a new way to make a living making music. Epidemic Sound is headquartered in Stockholm, but heard daily around the world. Start using Epidemic Sound today at

About SAE Institute
SAE Institute founded in Sydney, Australia is the world’s largest practical creative media educator with 54 campuses in 26 countries and an expanded course portfolio in creative media technologies with a strong tradition of practical application and industry recognition. SAE Institute offers courses in Audio engineering, 3D Animation, Multimedia, Graphic Design, Game Design, Digital Filmmaking, and Music Production.


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