Sennheiser Drum ‘n’ Remix Challenge


Produce your own remix version of the song „Don’t wanna be your fool“ by using the virtual drum instrument DrumMic’a!. and win a Neumann TLM 107 studio mic worth of 1.560 €! The winning track will be mastered by famous audio engineer Bob Katz himself!

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Starting from the scratch with an own multitrack project! – For sure this is the dream of many home recordist, having installed their new DAWs. But… how long it takes to record professional songs track after track – sometimes simply no musicians around – until a first mix can become reality! To provide recording newbies fundamental help, and challenge drummers as well as prospective producers with an acoustical showdown, Sennheiser launched the Sennheiser Drum ‘n’ Remix Challenge 2014. This contest unites experienced audio engineers, drummer and home recordists fo the first time in one common goal: To produce the perfect remix version of an especially composed and recorded song.

DM_DrumsAttention: Entry deadline for submissions to the Sennheiser Drum ‘n’ Remix Challenge is short ahead – November 30th. December 24th the winning track will be published. For all information concerning the contest please checkout

The basis for the contest is a big multitrack production with the name „Don’t wanna be your fool“. It has been prepared (including a pre-figured DrumMic’a! track) ready to-go as sessions for ProTools, Logic Pro, Live and Cubase and can be downloaded at (Alternatively the single tracks are provided as WAV files.) All this excluding the drum track, which shall be programmed / played with the virtual drum instrument DrumMic’a!

As a matter of course song parts may be rearranged, additional song parts or tracks added, and the entire song mixed and finalized. The best of it all: The winning track will be mastered by mastering expert Bob Katz.

Win a Neumann TLM 107!

Win a Neumann TLM 107!

Besides the fame to have won the Sennheiser Drum ‘n’ Remix Challenge the producer of the final track will receive his/her personal trophy: A yet legendary miking dream for his/her studio – a Neumann TLM 107 being worth more than 1560 €.


Concept and timings:

Ÿ- November 10th thru 30th, 2014, 12 o’clock PM – Start of the Challenge & creative time for mixing.
Opportunity to download the basic material of the song as single tracks respectively projects for Logic PRO, ProTools and Cubase – People can take part by publishing their Remix versions at SoundCloud. (Please upload 24-bit or 32-bit float stereo WAV files.)

– November 30 thru December 5, 2014 – Jury time.
Selection of the top 10 versions by the jury; Analysis and comment on these 10 songs by mastering engineer Bob Katz. Compilation to be found at

– December 6 thru 14, 2014 – Rework & Publish.
Time for the creators of the top 10 tracks to rework their versions and upload of these final (yet unmastered) tracks at SoundCloud.

– December 15 thru 21, 2014 – Voting for the No. 1 Track.
Fan voting for the most wanted track – ending after one week.

– December 22 thru 24 – Mastering.
The version with the most likes will be brightly polished by world famous mastering engineer Bob Katz.

– December 24, 2014: Publication and opportunity to download the final song at


About the virtual drum instrument DrumMic’a!: Get that perfect beat!


The Sennheiser and Neumann virtual drum instrument has seen more than 400 days … and has grown up: More than 35.000 musicians coming from 185 countries have already registered at for their personal activation code of the freeware, and permanently use the unique sound of the famous acrylic drumset caught with Sennheiser and Neumann high end mics for their own songs.

How crucial different choice and positioning influence the sound and how exactly mics sound at varied drum instruments, can be experienced since months without having a big recording room: With the freeware DrumMic’a! audio specialists Sennheiser and Neumann offer a high end free software package to all musicians, audio engineers and drummers. It provides a professional sample player for drum sounds, which contains about 13.000 high quality samples (more than 9 GB). DrumMic’a! (spell: drumm-maik-uh) is a virtual drum instrument for KONTAKT 5 PLAYER by Native Instruments and can be used as stand-alone application as well as PlugIn within the most sequencer platforms. Download and registriation at


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