Express yourself: 5 exciting aspects of blogging


Have you ever considered becoming a blogger? There are already millions of blogs out there, so why not joining the blogosphere and making it grow even faster? Starting a blog is very easy, but updating it regularly and keeping it alive for longer than three months might be a challenge. Nevertheless, it is worth trying! Blogging pays off not necessarily in cash but certainly creates different opportunities to show off and collaborate with others. As an everyday activity blogging might be extremely exciting, I experienced it myself.

Text and photos by Joanna Wróblewska

In June 2013, I decided to join the blogosphere and become a food blogger. I was both excited and happy, but felt a bit insecure. There were already thousands of cooking blogs online! In any case, I decided to start a blog and more than a year and a half after I am still an active blogger. If you are honestly passionate about blogging, you will always find an audience. I have learned that blogging is exciting and would like to share my experience with you!

1. Layout creation
Imagine being a god and deciding about every tiny detail of things that you create… In the blogosphere, you can truly become a master of your creations! Designing a blog: picking color palette and fonts, creating a banner, working on a logo, deciding on the structure and navigation are extremely exciting. It is, of course, time-consuming, but success always costs time and effort. Looking at your lovely just published blog will make you feel happy and proud.

2. First posts, first comments
You start to post articles, pictures, quotes or videos and at some point somebody comments on them. Then more people express their appreciation for what you do, and your blog starts to grow. People visit it every day, enjoy reading or watching the content. Sometimes they ask for advice. You feel inspired to improve the layout regularly, post more often and search for new exciting themes!

3. Connecting with others
For some people, it can be surprising, but many of us enjoy reading blogs. We are curious about what others think. We like to share our opinions. We dare to disagree. As a blogger, you connect with other bloggers and an enormous community of those who do not write but like to read blogs. Being honest and creating original content is always highly appreciated in the blogosphere. After some time, people start to trust you and will connect with you via your blog or social media.

It is, of course, important to promote your blog in many different ways. Advertise it to your family, friends or colleagues and promote it on various social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Pinterest. Those essential activities will certainly increase the traffic on your blog.

4. Blog as a portfolio
If you create high-quality content for your blog and post regularly, it might become your portfolio after some time! It does not matter if you are a journalist, web designer, musician, photographer or filmmaker. Your potential employer will be probably interested in what you do after hours and appreciate your professional approach and passion for blogging. Remember that employers mostly search for creative employees with initiative.

5. Collaboration possibilities
Even now, at this moment there are thousands of people searching for interesting content online, and they will contact you if they like your blog! It happened to me many times as well. Just make sure that your contact information is easy accessible and up to date. You never know who will reach you and invite to take a part in an exciting project!

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  1. I liked your blog post a lot. It shows really well the aspects of blogging, I really enjoy point 5 – Colaboration. I’m also a blogger and I’m currently researching about it for an ebook that I’m writting and I actualy have a few questions for you about it, if you don’t mind answering:

    – What got you to start blogging?
    – In what ways has blogging impacted your life?
    – What were your biggest difficulties up until now?

    Thank you for your wonderful content and contribution 🙂

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