Rediscovering 3D sound: Fraunhofer IDMT cooperates with SAE Institute on “SpatialSound Wave” project


SAE Institute makes new 3D sound system “SpatialSound Wave” sing with professionally recorded pop songs.

The renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology and SAE Institute have joined forces on a pilot project involving the 3D sound system “SpatialSound Wave”. Three pop music pieces were professionally recorded at SAE Institute Cologne for use in future demos of the impressive 3D sound of Fraunhofer’s progressive live-sound and production system.

The SpatialSound Wave 3D sound system is based on wave field synthesis and is suited not only for clubs and events but also for live-sound applications, permanent installations, product presentations and three-dimensional audio-visual simulations. Unlike channel-based audio reproduction technologies, such as stereo or 5.1 surround sound, SpatialSound Wave works on the basis of positionable sound objects. An audio scene created in this fashion can subsequently be reproduced on any loudspeaker configuration.

Check out this video to hear from the experts at Fraunhofer IDMT and SAE Institute about the recording of the three pop songs and their first-hand experience with the SpatialSound Wave 3D sound system:

The collaboration was initiated by Florian Richter, Senior Industry Relations & Career Coach (IRCC) at SAE Institute Cologne. Since summer of 2013, each one of the eight German locations of SAE Institute has a resident IRCC, acting as liaison for the industry and offering placement services for graduates of the private media college. Florian Richter: “Fraunhofer IDMT’s research and SAE Institute’s practical expertise are a great symbiosis. As an audio engineer, it was a thrilling experience to simply abandon standard procedures and use SpatialSound Wave to create the best 3D ambient sound possible.”

Christoph Sladeczek, head of the Virtual Acoustics team at Fraunhofer IDMT and advisor to the project, was deeply impressed by the sonic results : “SAE Institute provided us with new and thoroughly professional audio recordings that we will be using to showcase our SpatialSound Wave system. For us as a technology developer, working with SAE Institute gives us the opportunity to have our technology evaluated under real-life conditions. It is exciting to see where in the process we can tweak our systems to perform even better. We are looking forward to continuing our close cooperation with SAE Institute in the future.”

The results bound to seduce not only audio experts could be experienced free of charge on October 23 and 24 at the SAE Alumni Convention in Berlin. A demo room fitted with a multi-channel loudspeaker system highlighted the impressive advantages of the SpatialSound Wave sound technology. Christoph Sladeczek and Florian Richter discussed the joint project during their workshop “Music Production for SpatialSound Wave”.


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