Alumni Start-up RedOrb Games releases “Terrible Tower“ for Android


RedOrb Games is a team of four alumni of SAE Institute Hamburg. Since August 2014, the founders have been supported with free office space and coaching programs by the SAE Incubator. Their debut title, Terrible Tower, puts a twist on conventional mechanics of the 2D platformer genre by making players progress from bottom to up instead of from left to right. The catch: Players who fall through a pit on the bottom drop right back in at the top of the screen and the game continues.

Power Ups

Power Ups

Over 100 levels filled with tricky hazards are to be mastered with the help of power-ups and upgrades. Terrible Tower plays out in a variety of lovely, hand-crafted worlds.

“We are all incredibly excited to release our very first game”, says Robert von Amsberg, CEO and Game Designer of RedOrb Games.

Robert von Amsberg

Robert von Amsberg

“As a start-up, Terrible Tower is a showcase for our abilities. It’s the culmination of months of hard work spanning back to our study days where we first developed the prototype. I’m sure people will appreciate the effort we put into Ted’s adventure.”

Behind RedOrb Games is a young, Hamburg-based company, passionate about high-quality games for mobile devices. Starting in March of 2013, it has been RedOrb’s philosophy that games for smartphones and tablets have taken their place just alongside consoles and PC. Players expect to find high-value, memorable games to keep them entertained in extended sessions.

Terrible Tower

Terrible Tower

Terrible Tower is now available on Android, playable on versions 2.3.3 and higher. Ports for iOS and Windows will follow at a later date. After Release, Terrible Tower will be enhanced with further updates and content.

Terrible Tower official trailer:

Terrible Tower in Google Play Store:

More information about RedOrb Games available at

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