Swobbels: Crash Into Giant Candy Cake Hell – The greatest story ever told of the sweetest escape known to mankind.


Far away from earth and our solar system there is a spiky little planet named Swobola.

This planet is the home of the Swobbels. It is entirely made of metal and rocks but due to their technology they managed to be able to gather anything they needed from other planets or galaxies. Unfortunately their rocket science is not even close to perfect. That is why they involuntarily crash very often into strange planets.

Text: by Michael Keutmann & Steffen Ringkamp; Photos: SAE Cologne

They’re not into anything you or I would like. For example they hate all kinds of candy and prefer eating anything spicy instead.
In addition to their need for exploring new galaxies to find new spicy food, most of them also love the exploring itself. Therefore they will never stop traveling with their spaceship despite its disadvantages.
Due to technical problems on their current mission the Swobbels’ spaceship crashed into a giant cake.
Their dislike for anything that is not spicy is the main reason they really need to escape this “candy-like hell”.

The goal of the game is to maneuver your Swobbel through a colourful tricky level and pass the finish line first. That finish line is designed as a washing machine – a real washing machine! Well, at least kind of: it´s the only rescue capsule that survived the crash unharmed and it brings the fastest Swobbel to his or her home somewhere at the spiciest spot in the universe.

Unity Engine game scene

Unity Engine game scene

Unluckily they lost all their technical tools and items during their nosedive. A few of them landed on the surface of this unknown planet they had just crashed on. This is a great help for you to reach the washing machine earlier than anyone else. For example the anti-gravity-pearls that slow down anything that passes through them or the emergency provisions of chili that gives the Swobbel an extra speed boost.
All players have to watch out that they’re first, because there´s only one ticket home to Swobola!

That element causes many players to have to work together so they can take over the 1st Place. By using the “Brett” you can build small bridges to cut a corner. When you work as a team, you are able to build even bigger bridges to make even bigger shortcuts and then pass them together. Or not.

Working together is fine, but you have to remember that there can only be one Swobbel who wins. So you should take care, because you can trust nobody! And nobody trusts you. At best you have a temporary buddy. But sooner or later you’ll get betrayed…. Or you will betray.

The cake world is full of sweet life. You might meet the rare bonbon-bird or the sticky chewing gum-caterpillar. Also you might find the weirdest kinds of plants like cotton-candy-tree or a giant ice cream-cone growing out of the earth. In addition to that there is a permanently regrowing flower with chocolate sprouts. And exactly like our earthly plants need water, those plants need chocolate sauce which they get from the giant chocolate sauce river running through half of the strange world the Swobbels crashed on.

Swobbels ingame screenshot

Swobbels ingame screenshot

The team behind Swobbels

Everyone participating in the making of ʻSwobbelsʼ is a Bachelor student at SAE Cologne.Project ʻSwobbelsʼ is still in progress and not finished yet but we’re ambitiously working on it.When we created the game our only thought was: “Let’s do something nice”.It became a mixture of the game mechanics of ʻMario Kartʼ and ʻRayman’sʼ design, so its some kind of Jump ‘n’ Run multiplayer-racing game.We decided that our world should be colourful and some kind of comic, because the whole ʻSwobbelsʼ team is a fan of colourful games and childish atmospheres.Besides, we wanted to differ from all the spooky-action-horror-splatter games. Design, game mechanics and sound work together hand in hand, creating a happy but bustling atmosphere.
We´re very happy that our entire team also gets along privately very well so even in our spare time we often get the chance to casually work on the project.We have a lot of upcoming features on our to-do list, which are going to give the game a massively improved look and feel.
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