SAE Convention Seminars

You will find our convention seminars offer a wide variety of speakers both regional and international whose talks will bring you up-to-date with the latest changes that are taking place within the creative industries.

This is the perfect place to understand how technology is changing the rules of content creation, management and delivery. With international speakers of the highest calibre providing visionary and experience-led seminars, the SAE Convention is also the place to meet the protagonists who are making the running.

Lifelong learning

SAE Alumni have understood the principle of lifelong learning as the key to lasting success. They are media professionals and have set out to shape the world of creative media. The broad field of creative communication continues to expand and the end is not yet in sight.

Creatives still have a long way to go towards satisfying the public’s desire for imaginative content. SAE Institute is proud to play a prominent role in the education of young media professionals. Our Alumni, be they game or multimedia designers, film specialists, audio experts or cross media producers, are a highly prized asset in the industry; we have companies who each year visit our campuses and the Convention to snap up our students before they even finish studying!

The annual SAE Convention is a fun and rewarding way of attending further training and maintaining good relationships post graduation. Two packed days of top class seminars, equipment exhibitors and partying demonstrate that you can mix business and pleasure.

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