Register as a speaker

Register as a speaker

Please fill out our speaker form and forward it to our convention seminar team.

If you need any help please do not hesitate to contact us directly. (

Please note: All seminars will be held in English

What we offer our speakers

We offer our speakers accommodation at a SAE Alumni Convention hotel if they are not based in Cologne or nearby.

Travel to the Convention
SAE Alumni will cover your travel expenses if you need to travel to Cologne for the Convention. Please let us know where you are based and if you will travel by train or plane. We recommend you book your own journey and send us an invoice afterwards; please keep the receipts! If you need help with your bookings let us know.

Other information:

All our speakers will receive:

  • SAE Alumni Convention 2-day seminar pass
  • SAE Alumni Convention party voucher (+3 for friends or family)
  • Access to Convention Catering

Please note:

  • The SAE Alumni Convention organisers do not cover accommodation or transfer costs for speakers who are part of an exhibitor’s stand or are sponsored to speak by an external organisation or company.
  • SAE Alumni will not cover any costs for speakers, whose seminar has to be cancelled because of non-appearance of the speaker on the seminar day.
  • Additional expenses for catering outside the Convention area cannot be refunded.



    60 minutes90 minutes

    AudioGamesMusic BusinessFilm & TVCross MediaWebAnimationBusiness / General TopicRecruiting

    Preferred day for your session*
    I don't careWednesday, 10.10.2018Thursday, 11.10.2018

    I will travel by...*

    I would need a hotel room*

    Arrival date*
    Wednesday, 10.10.2018Thursday, 11.10.2018

    Departure date*
    Wednesday, 10.10.2018Thursday, 11.10.2018Friday, 12.10.2018

    Technical requirements for your session*
    I will bring my own laptopI will need a local computer (please provide a USB-Stick for your presentation)I will bring additional equipmentI haven't decided yet

    If you bring your own laptop, please provide the following information:

    Model (e.g. MacBook Pro, Retina, 15', Mitte 2014)

    Video outputs (e.g. HDMI)

    Audio outputs (e.g. HDMI, jack 3,5 mm...)

    Filming and streaming of seminars*
    Some of the seminars will be filmed and streamed to a website hosted at Please note, that there is no entitlement of your seminar being filmed and streamed at the SAE Convention.

    No, I disagree that my seminar may be filmed and streamed at the SAE Convention to sae.eduYes, I agree that my seminar may be filmed and streamed at the SAE Convention to

    Thank you very much!