Speakers 2018

The SAE Alumni Convention Seminar Speakers 2018

This list of the SAE Alumni Convention speakers 2018 is being updated constantly right until the event. The seminar schedule will be published as soon as possible.

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Tobias Neumann
Producer, Sound Engineer & DJ at Apollo Studio

Tobias is studio-owner and has 25 years of experience in music writing, producing and mixing. He is also a well-known international DJ for House & Techno since 20 years.

Analog in a digital world – producing electronic music

In this session Tobias will give insights in the realization of an electronic music production at Apollo Studio. He will explain his approach and workflow, why which outboard equipment was used and how the entire equipment collaborated. Tobias will also discuss the cooperation with musicians, labels and producers and how own visions of sound aesthetics interact with ideas the customer comes up with. At the end there will be space for Q&A.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Audio, Music Business
Roman Lüth

Daniel Hoeft
Artist / Label Owner at Gamper & Dadoni / RedGreenYellow

Flo Bauer
Music Producer at Chefboss
Mulit-award winning SAE Alumni Roman Lüth (33) has been working as producer and audio engineer since 2009. His credits include artists like Helene Fischer, Giorgio Moroder, Ben Zucker, Michelle and Kerstin Ott. He is also winner of the SAE Alumni Award 2017 for Best Music Production.


Hi, my name is Daniel Hoeft and i am one half of the german producer duo "Gamper & Dadoni" and label owner of "RedGreenYellow".

As an independent artist, we gained over 200 million streams on Spotify, Soundcloud & Youtube. We toured the world and gained support by well known artists such as Kygo, Robin Schulz, Lost Frequencies, Felix Jaehn and many more. We released music with and for artists like The Aston Shuffle, Milow, Felix Jaehn, A R I Z O N A, Parov Stelar, Mark Wilkinson, Forest Blakk, Claptone, Laura Veirs, Paul Cook & The Chronicles, The Same, Anson Seabra, Daniel Ahearn and many more. Since day one we manage and self-promote our music and built quiet a big network connecting people all over the world.

As a studied audio engineer i have a big passion for mixing but i also love to be creative, discover new music and enjoy communicating with all the different people in the related fields of the business.


Flo Bauer, Hamburg based Music & Video Producer of Chefboss and many big hits for Children. His Group Chefboss is well known for playing all the big Music Festivals in Germany like Rock am Ring or SonneMondSterne but also traveling around the World playing from Sziget Festival (Hungary) to Festivals in Uganda, Namibia and Canada. "Der Körperteil Blues" written and produced by Flo Bauer is one of the biggest German Hits for Children in the last 10 years (over 24 Million Views on YouTube). For both projects Flo produces the Music and the Videos and is also responsible for Social Media Strategy and the live production.

Überleben im Musikbusiness 2019 - Das Music Producer Panel (german)

In diesem moderierten Panel diskutieren wir mit SAE Absolventen Flo Bauer, Roman Lüth und Daniel Hoeft Strategien, um im Musikbusiness bestehen zu können. Dabei beleuchten wir aktuelle Entwicklungen, die Produzenten, Audio Engineers und Labelbetreiber betreffen, gehen auf Dos & Donts ein und auf die Frage, was man mitbringen muss, um nachhaltig erfolgreich zu sein.

Type: Panel
Hitch: Experts
Audio, Music Business
Brian Dilg
CRYENGINE Learning Manager at Crytek GmbH

Brian Dilg was programming and building his own computers by the time he was ten years old, a decade before personal computers first appeared. He brings 30 years of teaching and curriculum development experience to his position as CRYENGINE Learning Manager, where his mission is to empower both game developers directly through courses and tutorials, and by helping users who also enjoy teaching what they know to the CRYENGINE community.

Building Your First Game with CRYENGINE V

See for yourself how quickly and easily you can get a fully functional game up and running without writing a line of code using the same tools that produced games like the CRYSIS series, Hunt: Showdown, Ryse: Son of Rome, and the VR games The Climb and Robinson.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Sam Battle
Musician / Inventor at LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER is musician / inventor Sam Battle.
Rarely does a talent to show exactly what's in their heads to audience, Battle is a unique builder and performer who is able to make his dreams happen by building them.
Sam has amassed millions of views on his youtube channel and appeared on TV shows across the world. His self built Furby organ and synth bike have been especially popular.

“Don’t be scared to try it”

This is a presentation about giving things a go and breaking more things than you make work to get to a point where you can starting making more things work than you break!!!

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Audio, Cross Media
Blake Jones
DaVinci Instructor / Technical Sales Manager at VISION2see GmbH

Over 25 years of experience as a technical director, colorist and film restoration specialist. Responsible for setting up grading and editing suites and for equipment acquisitions. Additionally I have extensive experience in writing books, white papers and instruction manuals. I am also highly experienced in conducting and setting up training courses and performing equipment installations.

Specialties: post production management, color correction, non-linear editing, writing, training, consulting, public relations, editorial, sound, colorspace technology, image projection, digital image restoration

How to get started with Resolve / New on Resolve 15

The session will be addressed to everyone who is interested in color grading. You don´t need to have much experience with DaVinci Resolve. I will start with a quick tour that you get a feeling for the workflow. When you are a little familiar with the software I will show you all the new features coming with the big update on Resolve 15. This concerns Edit Page, Color Page, Fusion, Fairlight Audio and Deliver Page.

I'm looking forward to see you guys!

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Film & TV
Enrico Schmidt
CEO, Designer and Coder at play.HEART games

I’m Enrico Schmidt, the founder, designer and coder of play.HEART games – an aspiring Leipzig-based indie studio that recently released its first title pixelBOT EXTREME! – the EXTREME! multitasking run and gun with a colorful twist.

Besides play.HEART games I’m freelancing in the name of play.HEART Game Design & Development in all areas of Game and Level Design for various companies and genres, building on six years of work experience as a Game and Level Designer – including Lead Game and Level Design of Wooga’s Jelly Splash for over three years.

How to finish, release and survive your first game

pixelBOT EXTREME! began in early 2014 and took around four years of (part-time) development to finally see the light of the day.
My talk will handle two topics:
How to manage finishing and releasing your first own indie game without any budget and only one and a half people AND
How to make most out of limited content through level design.

Together we will go through our key learnings and Do’s and Don’ts on how to survive and achieve the realization of your dream project.
Additionally we’ll dive a bit deeper into Level Design, investigating various design approaches and techniques to achieve a fun, innovative and unique user experience. Following that we’ll also examine what “Content is king” can really mean for your content-light project.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Manuel Matuzovic
Frontend Developer

Manuel is a frontend developer specialized in HTML, CSS, accessibility and performance. He likes to write about these topics and talk at meetups and conferences. He's also organizer of the webclerks and CodePen meetup in Vienna.

CSS Grid Layout: From Accessibility to Z-Index

CSS Grid Layout landed in MS Edge on October 17th 2017, which means that the official version of the specification is supported by all major browsers for almost a year now. Manuel Matuzovic will give you an overview of the most exciting features, concepts and related specs. You’ll find out why Grid isn’t just suitable for page layouts, but works fantastic on a component level as well. On top of that you learn about animation, progressive enhancement, legacy browser support and accessibility.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Fabian Russ
Composer and Creative Director at www.fabianruss.de

Fabian Russ works as a composer, sounddesigner and “orchestronics” practitioner at the interface between classical and electronic music. His focus is on classical-electronic hybrids combined with spatial audio during the live shows.

Orchestronik - Electrifying the Classics with Circular Sound

I am going to talk about the very beginning of an Orchestronik-project until the moment of realization. This will include the financial aspect as well as the artistic point of view and work. I will also present the Orchestronik-workflow.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Audio, Music Business, Cross Media
Thorsten Schmiedel
Gameplay Programmer at Ubisoft Blue Byte

I am Gameplay Programmer at Ubisoft Blue Byte for Anno 1800. In 2015 I graduated from SAE Institute Cologne as Bachelor of Game Programming. During the studies I helped to found the indie studio (and game) "Looterkings" as a Head of Programming, which was awarded the SAE Alumni Award for Best Game Production in 2016.
After 4 years of professional experience in the games industry I was able to see the best (and worse) of the two worlds of indie and AAA development.
I love to share this experience with students and aspiring game developers to help them get in the industry and decide whether AAA or indie is the suitable solution to them.

Indie vs. AAA

Dieser moderierte Vortrag wird die Unterschiede zwischen Indie und AAA Game Development beleuchten. Es wird diskutiert, welche Kenntnisse aus beiden Bereichen gewonnen werden können, um Studenten auf ihrem Weg in die Gameindustrie zu unterstützen. Es werden Schwierigkeiten, Hindernisse und Chancen präsentiert, um einen Einblick dafür zu bekommen, wie es ist Teil eines Indie- oder AAA-Teams zu sein - und was das insbesondere für Programmierer bedeutet.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Games, Business / General Topic
Henning Fischer
Quality Manager at Hüge und Lange GmbH

Henning Fischer M.A. – Quality Manager – Automotive Supplier

Henning Fischer is SAE Alumnus and a former staff member. He has been working as a freelancer in the media industry for many years. Today he is the quality manager at an automotive supplier company. He is certified project manager, quality manager and auditor for norms of the automotive industry.

Methodiken des Qualitäts- und Risikomanagement im Projektmanagement (german)

Als jahrelanger Dozent für Projektmanagement, ehemaliger Eventmanager und Medienallrounder kennt Henning Fischer das Projektmanagement mit vielen seiner Tücken. In seiner heutigen Tätigkeit gilt es, Projekte mit hohem Budget, vertragsgebundenen kurzen Projektlaufzeiten und großen Anforderungen an die Qualität, unter der Berücksichtigung von Risiken für die gesamte Lieferkette, zu bewältigen. Im Vortrag sollen mögliche Methodiken des Qualitäts- und Risikomanagement im Projektmanagement aufgezeigt werden. Der Vortrag wird einen wissenschaftlichen Fokus haben und lohnt sich daher für Bachelor Studenten und natürlich auch für viele Alumni.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Business / General Topic
Michael Schade
Co-Founder & CEO at ROCKFISH Games GmbH

In 2014, Michael Schade and his long-term business partner Christian Lohr founded ROCKFISH Games, an independent gaming studio based in Hamburg, Germany, specializing in creating high-quality original PC and console games in Unreal Engine 4. Together with their former team behind the critically acclaimed Galaxy on Fire mobile games series on board, they had a wildly successful Kickstarter for EVERSPACE in 2015. Thanks to the winning formula of combining AAA-style visuals with roguelike elements and innovative storytelling, the fast-paced 3D space shooter became a surprise hit on Steam, Xbox and PS4.

Effective Social Media and Influencer Marketing on a Budget

Thanks to digital distribution, social media and streaming platforms, the art of video games marketing has changed significantly over the last few years. New players keep entering the scene, which makes it even harder to pick the right marketing channels for small to mid-sized indie developers and even big publishers. In this hands-on talk, Michael Schade, CEO of ROCKFISH Games, will share his best marketing stunts on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and imgur, which helped to make EVERSPACE, the studio’s debut title, an indie surprise hit on Steam, Xbox and PS4 with over 600,000 copies sold and still selling strongly.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Tsahi Liberman
Headmaster & Head of Studio at Tiltan School of Game Design & Development

Tsahi is a veteran game developer, designer and narrative writer involved in the gaming industry for over 15 years, creating educational games for children for the grandest global companies in the world, such as Disney, Nickelodeon, BBC, PBS kids, Cartoon Network, Sesame Street, Tabtale, Compedia, and many more.

Tsahi was also until recently, a part of GameIS’ core team, the Israeli game developers association, managing the content for conferences and the international relations between Israel and other international gaming industries, for the last 11 years.
He is also involved in creating interactive activities and games for diversity, whether it is the representation of women in games, peace through gaming, or educational games for Syrian refugee, where he won several prestigious prizes, the latest is the UN prize for innovation for his involvement with “Games for Peace” project.

Additionally, Tsahi is the Headmaster of the 3-year Game Design and Development program in Tiltan College, Haifa, and head of Studio “Funnel Entertainment” developing a full scale game for PC and Consoles, called “Grime”, an action RPG dark unforgiving world, drawing inspiration from Sumerian mythologies and games such as Dark souls, Salt & Sanctuary, and Hollow Knight.

Peace is just a F2P Game - Using Games to Teach Peace and Tolerance

Peace, the final frontier. For many, it’s a notion they haven’t known before. What if we could change our children’s lives through education using digital games, and teach them, from an early childhood, about peace and tolerance towards each other? In my talk, we will dream in pixels a colorful journey through various conflict zones and their "peace-telling" games, searching a formula for a better world.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Charlie Bauerfeind
Producer at Sound-Consulting & Services

Charlie Bauerfeind bei der SAE Convention 2018
- Karl Rudolf Bauerfeind, born 05/30/1963 in Erlangen, West Germany
- 1969-1980 classical piano-lessons with private teachers
- 1973-1980 drum-lessons with private teachers
- 1980-1986 working as a drummer in various bands
- 1981-1986 engineered various record- and pre-productions and demos for local bands
- From January 1987 to March 1989, studying Music, Production & Engineering at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA
- From September 1988 to March 1989 assistant engineer at "Downtown Recorders Boston"
- From Summer 1988 to March 1989 worked as a free-lance engineer for demo- and recordproductions in studios in Boston and New York
- Since June 1989 working as a producer/engineer
- Credits: Blind Guardian, Helloween, ARP, Saxon, Rage, Hammerfall, Motörhead etc.

Controlled Mayhem! .....or a shovel full of dirt !!

I will present you concepts and techniques to create great performances in Hard Rock and Metal productions and ways to control the Mayhem that goes along with this approach. To fix and adjust these performances I will show you the usage of Izotope RX software.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Sven Bliedung
CEO at Volucap GmbH

Sven Bliedung bei der SAE Convention 2018
Sven is a CG industry veteran and Director of the volumetric Studio - Volucap. He founded a high-profile visual effects company called VFXbox. Later he founded a company with focus on immersive media called SLICE production Studios. He is also the founder of the Virtual Reality Association Berlin Brandenburg (VRBB e.V.) and today he is also CEO of Volucap, the first commercial volumetric capture studio in mainland Europe.

His credits include various projects such as "The Raven", "Marvel's The Avengers" and "Cloud Atlas".

Volumetric capture of animated Humans

Volucap shows the latest research in volumetric capture technology, with a look at the challenge of creating photorealistic human characters.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Games, Film & TV, Cross Media, Animation
Jamshed Djurabaev
Senior Concept Artist at Lucasfilm

My name is Jama Jurabaev. I work as a senior concept artist in the film industry.

VR for artists

In this lecture i will show attendants how to use VR tools in movie production as an artist.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Film & TV
Nico Nowarra
CBDO at Experimental Game GmbH

Nico Nowarra worked as a journalist and author for over ten years. He has written and co-developed numerous audio dramas and video games. He is also a book author and has published over a thousand journalistic articles. As a lecturer he has taught storytelling, journalism and moderating at various universities. He is now the Chief Business Developer at Experimental Game.

The Future Of Digital Storytelling - Tools, Pipelines And Concepts

Games like Lifeline, City of Love or The Wayne Investigation have a lot in common. They all are modern interpretation of a classic genre: The Text Adventure. They all are driven solely by their narrative and in the case of digital assistants the complete game design and experience depends just on the story itself.
Creating an exciting game experiences for these platforms is especially challenging. Instead of using the full palette of graphics, text and audio to interact with the game, these formats limit themselves to only one dimension - either text or voice. The developer needs a better understanding of the interplay between user interface, user experience and game design to achieve the same degree of immersion.
During the lecture I will talk about the challenges in designing a story driven game for Alexa & Co that delivers a narration that reacts to the player’s input in a satisfying way while keeping the story consistent. Also I will take a foray into how to monetize a story driven game with Free-to-Play mechanics: From the art of creating meaningful choices, the user is willing to pay for, to the creation of more content and a premium story experience.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Games, Cross Media
Leonidas Chantzaras
Senior A&R at Universal Music

Leo Chantzaras at the SAE Convention 2018
Leonidas Chantzaras started out as an artist in the 90‘s signing two record deals.
After his artist career he became a producer and songwriter achieving 25 Gold and Platinum Records and signing 2 publishing deals.
The next step in his career was establishing his own management and publishing company. In 2014 he then joined one of the biggest indie publishers in the world, Imagem as their Senior A&R. Free a year and a half he took over the senior international A&R position. After 4 years he switched to Universal Music Germany to take over the Senior A&R Position at Polydor/Island.

The realities of the music business

In my session I will discuss the following issues:
- What does it take to make it in todays Music Business?
- How to use social media and how important is it?
- DIY is the way to go
- No goes in the music biz

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Music Business
Gary Marlowe
CEO at garymarlowe.com

Ray Bennett
Editor at The Cliff Edge

A musical storyteller, who became known for his unusual combinations of Electronica and Orchestra, the award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist Gary Marlowe works primarily for films.

Among his most recent recognitions is a Nomination for Best Music at the 6. German Documentary Film Music Awards 2018.

Marlowe began playing piano at four, shared the stage with Iggy Pop and The Ramones with his band later, became a No.1 hit songwriter, and is a producer for several top acts.

Following studies in Ethnomusicology in Berlin, he studied Composition for Film in Siena, Italy, with Oscar winners Luis Bacalov (“The Postman”) and Nicola Piovani (“Life is beautiful”), winning the Emma Contestabile Award in his final year. More awards include five nominations at the Jerry Goldsmith Awards, nominations at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards (2012), and the Max Ophüls Preis, for Best Film Music (2017).

In addition to his work as film composer and producer, Gary Marlowe develops his own music installations, aural frames, in co-operation with visual artists (such as Richard Nonas and Gianni Moretti). International exhibitions include the Biennale di Venezia.

In 2013, Gary Marlowe was chosen by the World Soundtrack Academy, to compose and perform a commissioned piece with The Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Ghent Film Festival (alongside Angelo Badalamenti, Mychael Danna, James Newton Howard, Clint Mansell, Dario Marianelli, Gustavo Santaolalla and Howard Shore).

Marlowe is lecturing as a docent in various academies, such as the SAE School of Audio Engineering. He is a Berlinale Talent Alumnus, a member of the World Soundtrack Academy, and the European Film Academy.


Long associated with The Hollywood Reporter, I was Managing Editor of Special Issues in Los Angeles, European Bureau Chief based in London, and I worked as editor and critic on The Hollywood Reporter Dailies in Cannes and critic for the Berlin and Toronto THR dailies. Also, I was senior editor and correspondent for the UK home entertainment trade monthly Cue Entertainment.

I’ve written for the Los Angeles Times, People Magazine, US Magazine, Penthouse, Variety, Maclean’s, the Bookseller, Inside Books, Marquee Magazine, the British Journalism Review, and many more. I’ve been on BBC-TV, Channel 4, Channel 5, CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg, PBS and BBC Radio’s “Woman’s Hour.”

I am a member of the Critics’ Circle in London in both the film and drama sections, and a member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA).

The Future: Critics, Bloggers, Influencers


Award-winning composer Gary Marlowe discusses with legendary music critic Ray Bennett (formerly editor with The Hollywood Reporter and blogger for The Cliff Edge), what it takes to write properly about music, especially about music for media.

Topics such as COMPETENCE, ETHICS, STYLE and HYPE promise an entertaining, insightful panel with hands-on advice from two seasoned experts.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Audio, Games, Music Business, Film & TV, Cross Media, Web, Business / General Topic
Timo Berg
Senior Animator

Timo Berg bei der SAE Convention 2018
My name is Timo Berg, I am an Animator who worked for the last 8 years in different animation studios in europe on some of the highest grossing animation feature films.
I am happy if i can share a little bit of my knowledge and experience with whoever is honestly interested in the art of animation.
Tips & Tricks how to survive as an animator in Europe

Animation is not rocket science. But not everyone has the persistance or the guidance to become a feature film animator. I will give a few little tips and tricks and show some examples how I and everyone who is truely interested in the art of animation, and is willing to put in the effort and the time, can get their feet into the world of animation.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Michael Liebe
CEO / Outreach Games Europe at Booster Space / Kickstarter

Michael Liebe is CEO and founder of Booster Space, the company behind #gamesweekberlin, VR NOW Con & Awards, Game Cinema, Womenize! and many other events driving to connect business, technology and culture of games, VR and other media. Since 2016 the company started to also develop games and DUEL VR is the first outcome (early access). Michael is an advocate of crowdfunding and supports Kickstarter as Outreach Games in Europe since January ‘16.
In the times before Booster Space he initiated the indie games and art festival, A MAZE., the Digital Games Research Centre of the University of Potsdam (DIGAREC) as well as the Computer Games Collection of European Media Studies at the University of Potsdam, the European Masters program, Ludic Interfaces and others. Until 2012 he was Advisor – New Media at the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and responsible for marketing and networking for the “New Media” industry in the German capital region where he also worked on establishing the games:net berlinbrandenburg. He holds an M.A. in European Media Studies, is advisor and jury member and works as university lecturer.

"Crowdfunding x Public Funding x Other Money Sources" - the smart funding mix.

Projects have different phases of development which connect with different types of funding. It is all about the right time and the smart mix of funding sources. In this talk I will focus on the potential role of crowdfunding in a bigger scope of funding a creative media project.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Games, Music Business, Film & TV
Lisi Linhart
Master Student at FH Salzburg, Austria

Lisi is a dedicated frontend developer with a passion for web animation and design. She enjoys creating little delightful animations based on illustrations, has organized a conference and recently also started speaking. Currently she’s working and researching on her master thesis in Salzburg, Austria.

Creative and Performant Web Animation

For decades drawing has allowed us to tell captivating stories with a simple medium like pen and paper. But why stop at pen and paper, when we have an amazing medium like the web, that allows us to turn hand-drawn sketches into beautiful interactive and animated SVG illustrations.

This talk will explore the basics of how animation in the browser works, which properties we should animate to get better performance and what pitfalls to avoid when doing animation in the browser. Furthermore we will explore what SVG is and how we can utilise it to turn our hand-drawn illustrations into interactive animations.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Web, Animation
Kai Bodensiek
Lawyer at Brehm & v. Moers

Kai Bodensiek bei der SAE Convention 2018
Kai is a partner of the media law firm Brehm & v. Moers. He is head of the Games and IT appartment of Brehm & v. Moers Berlin and advises companies from the games and general IT and media industrie since many years. His clients are publishers and developers from all over the world doing business in Germany as well many different kinds of service providers for the games industry. He was the in-house counsel of the GAME Bundesverband (German Games Business Association) until it merged in 2018 with the BIU (Federal Association for Entertainment Software) to become the game Verband.
He is a regular speaker on Games and IT conferences and reads law as part of the master class of Universiät Potsdam / Filmuniversität Babelsberg and Erich Pommer Institut.

Current Legal challenges for Games Businesses / Top 10 mistakes in development contracts

The session shall either cover the current legal issues in fall 2018 or be a top 10 list for errors typically made when negotiating and drafting development agreements.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Games, Business / General Topic
Sebastian Fleer
Producer Rainbow 6 at Ubisoft Blue Byte

Sebastian Fleer is heading the Rainbow 6 team at Ubisoft Blue Byte as Producer. Before taking over this role, he was directing the company's F2P portfolio and was in charge of the Live section of the Uplay PC platform.
Prior to his time at Ubisoft, Sebastian worked for Deepsilver, Bigpoint and Ascaron, gaining experience in the fields of production, live operation, publishing and even outsourcing. Since he joined the industry, he was responsible for a variety of titles in different business models and on platforms from browser to console.

Pitching in the Games Industry - Do's and Don'ts to leave a memorable mark and get a Deal

To get a deal for a funding or a publishing contract in the games industry is often a walk on the edge. Team sizes, financial resources and even a companies' future might rely on placing the right pitch and getting an agreement. During the stages of preparation, presentation and negotiation there are quite a few potential obstacles to overcome, which are not necessarily obvious.

This talk is intended to provide some insight and best practices for the pitching process itself, but it even more takes care of the surrounding factors in detail. Expectation management, projected presence and priming for the unexpected are key elements of a successful pitch. And especially during the tension of the preparation phase, these are often underestimated and therefore prioritized lower in favor of content, which is only half the foundation to get a "go!"

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Games, Business / General Topic
Arne Ludwig
New Business at headtrip immersive media GmbH

Arne Ludwig is responsible for NEW BUSINESS at headtrip Immersive Media GmbH in Cologne / Germany. Headtrip is one of the leading producers of digital media in Germany. From the first concept to production and programming up to the finished product, headtrip acts as service provider and sparring partner for all the themes in virtual reality, 360-degree production and augmented reality. The team includes award-winning filmmakers and software developers all with many years of experience in TV, film and IT productions. Thus together headtrip offers workshops and designs and realizes digital media. headtrip exhibits in trade shows and in company events. Clients include Mercedes Benz, Arvato, ADAC, Samsung, Cornelsen, Deutsche Telekom, KVB, ProsiebenSat1 and Bundesliga among others.

Arne is a VR evangelist and currently president of the First German Business Association For Immersive Media. http://www.edfvr.org
The EDFVR has more than 100 active members and partnership with german VR companies, Universities and Institutions.

Arne has a been working for more than 20 years as a producer, lecturer and consultant for the film and media industry. He is an alumni of Cologne Media Arts Academy and studied International Production postgraduate at International Filmschool in Cologne.
Arne’s first produced feature STATUS YO! premiered in Forum at Berlinale in 2004. He has been producing and co-producing over a dozen feature films and documentaries worldwide.

In 2015 he joined VR Agency and Production HEADTRIP as Chief Sales Officer and feels this position to be like a VR Evangelist. In his own words Arne is extending HEADTRIP’s vision VIRTUAL REALITY - WELL TOLD as follows: „Take it as a fact. A world without VR is unimaginable.“ He has taught Virtual Reality at University of Mainz and Film Production at International Filmschool in Cologne.

Arne is a VR consultant for the EU, the Cologne Digital Hub as well as the Co-Production Market of Berlin Film Festival (Berlinale).
Digital Realites - Human Interactions

The question is not whether digital realities are coming but how and how fast!
Also, what is the human perspective of it?
We will experience all kinds of state of the art XR, IOT, AI and other Digital Realities.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Cross Media, Business / General Topic
Julian Kern
Fullstack Developer at Thomann Code&Cookie Factory

Julian Kern started his career as specialist for event technology, but quickly returned to his personal spare-time roots: The web. The the following six years, Julian worked in agencies implementing custom solutions for Michelin, Kärcher and Edeka. As Lead UI developer he also helped developing the Mercedes Benz used car search and online car configurator, both build responsive, interactive and with state of the art JavaScript. Recently he found a way to combine both passions, and started working for the biggest online retailer of music instruments and professional event equipment: Thomann. His experience ranges from developing complex CSS design systems, over modern JavaScript driven web applications, to continuous integration and deployment automation.

Besides his full-time work, Julian works as a freelancer since 2013 for several customers, published blog articles and open source projects. He currently is most passionate about building hard- and software for the Internet of Things (IoT), and smart home automation.

Surviving Berlin winter with JavaScript - building a smart thermostat with Node.js and IoT hardware

JavaScript is around for quite some time, for 23 years to be precise. It used to be the ugly duckling in the land of the beautiful code swans - until 2009, when the first Node.js version was released. Things have changed a lot since then, and thanks to Node.js JavaScript has changed as well - it made huge steps forward and isn't "web-only" anymore, but running even on computers that fit in your pocket.

This talk will give you a roundup about current IoT hardware, the state of JavaScript and how to combine both. Basic JavaScript knowledge is not required but a plus.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Matias Søndergaard
Chief Product Officer and Co-founder at Rokoko

As co-founder of Rokoko, Matias identified a clear market need for more accessible mocap believing creatives around the world should not be disadvantaged only based on space and money. With this mindset, Matias helped create Rokoko’s SmartSuit Pro, an accessible sensor-based motion capture suit that seamlessly captures live-action human movement in real-time to support pre-visualization and 3D character animation for movies and video games. Interested in disruptive and transformative phenomena in the tech world, Matias specializes in commercializing and transforming bold ideas into prosperous businesses. His most passionate interests right now are robotics, wearable technologies & virtual reality. Matias has a M.Sc. in Economics and Philosophy.

Powerful virtual production tools - how to utilize mobile mocap and game engines as an indie developer

Motion capture technology and animation in creative productions have until recently been for the few, but with the democratization of motion capture technology and game engines, this is about to be changed. In this session, first-hand experiences from indie developers working with new, powerful and still easy-to-use motion capture tools (Smartsuit Pro) and game engines (Unity) will be shared. You can with these tools do mocap, virtual camera control in a realistic environment setup in Unity in no time with a very small budget.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Games, Film & TV, Cross Media, Animation
Sebastian Gsuck
CEO, CVO & Managing Director at MediaApes GmbH

Nûjîn Kartal
CINO, Immersive Audio Spezialist at MediaApes GmbH

Sebastian Gsuck is a specialist in 360 concepts and audio content. As an audio engineer he worked in many different music studios and different areas which lead him to the head of a commercial agency. He is a co-founder of the MediaApes GmbH and is a co-publisher for BMG. He manages and produces different artists and works on 3D Audio concepts (Headphone 3D and Wave Field Syntheses). His dream is to make culture available to everyone and to bring state of the art experiences to people. He also believes that combining different technologies and experts brings ideas to life.

Coming from the studies of humanities as well as sound and Musicproduction, Nûjîn gains furthermore the know-how in the field of immersive and audio technologies. Always with the aim to work in the field of passion: For him that's Media, Culture & Arts. Finding new ways to deal with and combine technologies and even more than that creating emotions to let the technology vanish for the comsumer.
He now feels home in the field of immersive concepts to combine technologies, arts and social interests.

3D Audio, Arts and Business - Technologies and the potential of the future immersive & Audio Industry - Best Practise and Cases

What is 3D Audio, what is immersive content, how to get it to life and create new experiences for entertainment and industry.
There are endless tools and possibilities but not every tool is suitable for every case. What are the possible cases in combination of audio and visual technologies (VR / AR / MR) and is the potential of immersive technologies. Is the industry ready yet? Are you ready?
Creating new smart products and generate new business cases.
Let’s build the markets of the future?

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Audio, Cross Media, Business / General Topic
Mandy Jerdes
Quality & Project Manager, Media Designer at Retrobrain R&D UG

After finishing my Game Art studies at SAE Hamburg I started as Technical Artist at the company XYRALITY GmbH. Nearly three years later I have entered a new occupational field. Now I‘m employed as Quality & Project Manager and Media Designer at Retrobrain R&D UG. Additionally I’m working as lecturer for project management at SAE.

Perfekter Karrierestart in die Gamesbranche (german)

Game Studium abgeschlossen und was nun?
Wie gelingt der Einstieg in die Gamesbranche?
Was muss ich bei der Jobsuche beachten?

Ich teile meine Erfahrungen und gebe Tipps zu Lebenslauf, Portfolio, Netzwerk- und Branchenkentnisse und die beste Vorbereitung auf Bewerbungsgespräche.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Thomas Ott
CEO / CTO at Echtzeit GmbH

Patrick Möchel
CEO / Art Management at Echtzeit GmbH

Rajan Wegmann
CEO / Sales Management at Echtzeit GmbH

Thomas Ott has profound experience in the field of education through his work as head of the Game Art & Animation department at SAE Zurich. His profound programming knowledge makes it possible to implement individual customer wishes in a targeted manner. In cooperation with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, he deals with problem solving in research using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Patrick Möchel worked as a 3D artist at Crytek GmbH in Frankfurt am Main. Here he contributed to Crytek's internationally successful title Crysis 2, published for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, among other projects. His subsequent work for Sony Studio Guerrilla Games Amsterdam included Killzone: Shadow Fall, the Sony exclusive title for the release of Playstation 4 and the preproduction for Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Rajan has been gaining experience in architectural visualization for almost 10 years. In addition to the handling of CAD planning data and the corresponding visual implementation, his wealth of experience also includes training, marketing and sales. In addition, he completed training in game art and 3D animation at the SAE in Zurich.
Von der SAE zum eigenen Start-Up (german)

Thomas, Rajan und Patrick haben nach dem Studium an der SAE ihren Traum vom eigenen Start-Up verwirklicht. Ihr Unternehmen Echtzeit GmbH befasst sich modernen Technologien, um die visuelle Kommunikation in der Industrie, mittels Prozessoptimierung und direkter Endkundeneinbindung zu revolutionieren.

Hierbei liegt der Schwerpunkt auf VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) und Machine Learning Technologien. In diesem moderierten Panel gehen wir der Frage nach wie die Idee zum Unternehmen entstand, wie die drei sich als Team gefunden und aufgestellt haben und wie die ersten Schritte zur Kundengewinnung aussahen. Dabei gehen die drei auch auf Stolpersteine ein, die ihnen auf ihrem Weg begegnet sind.

Type: Talk with moderation
Hitch: Advanced
Business / General Topic
Sebastian Moench
Senior Product Specialist International at Steinberg Media Technologies

After successfully completing his studies in studio recording, film sound and interactive music Sebastian started working as a sound designer and composer for games.
In 2009 he joined Steinberg Media Technologies, a leading developer of audio software and hardware. As Senior Product Specialist he trains e.g. staff of game developers, recording studios and musicians within Germany and abroad.

Sebastian has several years of experience in game audio and teaches this topic at SAE Hamburg.

Game Audio Production - From Creation to Integration

This seminar will introduce you to the production and integration of audio for computer and video games.
Here is a brief overview of the topics we will talk about:

- Game audio basics
- Dialogue recording
- Sound Design
- Music for games
- Integration: Getting the sound into the game

We’ll have a look at the complete pipeline using a practical example, starting with asset creation in the DAW Steinberg Nuendo, handing over to the Audio Middleware Audiokinetic Wwise, and finally the actual integration into the Game Engine Unity.

No previous knowledge of this topic is required. Knowledge of general audio engineering will be helpful, but is not mandatory.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Audio, Games
Daniel Prieß
Director Filmer Editor at Daniel Priess Studio

My name is Daniel Priess. I produce high quality visual content in form of music videos and other promos for your screen.

Die Balance zwischen DIY Musikvideos und großen Produktionen (german)

Musikvideoproduktion 2019 - wo geht die Reise hin und was wollen die Kunden? In meiner Session werde ich außerdem zeigen, wie man Kunden im Videomarkt gewinnen kann.

Type: Talk with moderation
Hitch: Beginners
Music Business, Film & TV
Marten Stockenberg
Head Instructor Webdesign & Development at SAE Institute GmbH

In the past i worked as a freelance Web Developer, nowadays iam full-time at SAE.
I love good and simple code that is what i try to share with others.

Progressive Web Applications with Vue.js

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are applications build with HTML / CSS and JavaScript. The technology was coined in 2015 by rances Berriman and Google Chrome engineer Alex Russell. The main goal is to make your website "App-like". The key feature of a PWA is the offline acessability of your website and all the data.

We will explore how easy it can be to build a progessive Web-App with the Vue.js Framework.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Valerio Velardo
Co-founder & CEO at Melodrive

Valerio Velardo is Co-founder and CEO of Melodrive, a startup that is developing an Artificial Intelligent music composer for interactive content. He has a PhD in Music and Artificial Intelligence, during which he developed a system that can simulate the behaviour of a societyof rock musicians. Valerio has a double background as a musician and physicist. Prior to getting into research, he worked as a pianist, conductor and composer. His main interest is developing AI systems that can augment people’s creative potential.

How AI will change music in VR and video games

Is it possible for machines to compose interesting music? Can we leverage intelligent machines to help people with no musical skills to create music? What’s the best use of machines in music creation? What's the impact of music on interactive content? These are some of the questions we’ll explore in this session, which focuses on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for generating music for Virtual Reality (VR) and video games.

At the beginning of the talk, I’ll give a brief presentation about video game music and the impact of AI on music creation. I’ll provide a short overview of what has been done in this field to date, and analyse what are the weaknesses and strengths of using AI for generating music. The core of the presentation will be about how AI can enhance people’s musical creation abilities, regardless of their musical skills. I'll introduce the concept of Deep Adaptive Music and show the results of research we conducted at Melodrive about the impact of music on engagement in VR. Towards the end of the presentation, I’ll introduce Melodrive - an AI music system that is able to create music in realtime for interactive content like video games and VR experiences from scratch.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Audio, Games
Daniel Zeitler
Founder at Tale Of Mind

Hi, I’m Daniel Zeitler founder of »Tale Of Mind«, a non-profit initiative established to create a better digital life for humanity. Advancing thoughtful solutions for mindful technology that value peoples time and intentions as the central goal.

Before, I worked as a multi-awarded art director in Stuttgart and had the privilege of doing great things with rad people from Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Konami Digital Entertainment, thyssenkrupp & more.

The good, the bad & the dirty – Are we designing for humanity's best self?

Do we build meaningful products that solve consumer problems? How can we redesign the digital world? How often does technology interrupt us from what we mean to be doing?

We spend an astonishing amount of time distracted by notifications and pop-ups. Instead of helping us, it feels like technology is wreaking havoc on our lives.

You will explore the dark patterns of user interface design. Principles of persuasive and habit forming psychology. Why design needs ethics and how we can impact the world through mindful technology to create a better everyday life for the many people.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Cross Media, Web, Business / General Topic
Karim Bhorania
CEO at Jamahook Corporation

Karim Bhorania bei der SAE Convention
Visionary soul musician rocking on a dream and shaping the future on how music will be made.

From garage band vocalist to technology leader produced my way up focusing on new tech trends in an industry called music technology. Love, passion, dedication and patience opens up doors and keeps me going.

Today working with partner companies Fraunhofer IDMT, Selise Software and Swiss Cooperative Society of Music Authors and Publishers SUISA, building bridges and overcoming boundaries between music producers, musicians and artists opening up new opportunities of collaborating through patented unique algorithms and new music tech solutions.

It's all about the love of the music.



Jamahook - The Sound Playground

How new technologies and creativity go hand in hand and open up new opportunities for professional music producers and musicians as well as amateurs and newbies.

Jamahook has created a worldwide unique algorithm that brings together sounds that match. For content creators it is a new source for selling creations and productions and at the same time it is a sound networking platform that interactively brings together music producers, musicians and music lovers only through the sound of their music.

The core technology of Jamahook called Sound Match has the ability to recognize any sound and analyze its attributes (BPM, key/harmony, mood/timbre and rhythmic pattern). Then it suggests matches in form of loops, beats, tracks or accapellas that go well with your reference track.

Jamahook does not only save essential time in the music production process - more over it gets the best out of your content and is a new source for music producers and sound designers to make money, find collaborators and raise the fun factor in creating music.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners to Advanced
Audio, Music Business, Business / General Topic