Speakers 2018

The SAE Alumni Convention Seminar Speakers 2018

This list of the SAE Alumni Convention speakers 2018 is being updated constantly right until the event. The seminar schedule will be published as soon as possible.

For the time being here at least our speaker’s from last year. So you can get an impression what concept we’re following.

NameAbout the speakerAbout the sessionSection
Richard Furch
President at Tribase Productions

Christian Raters
CEO & Audio Engineer at Lyrebird, Game & Audio

Julian Meybohm
CEO & Audio Engineer at Lyrebird, Game & Audio

Robin Hasenbach
Founder at N-Gon Entertainment

Chris Müller
Geschäftsführer SAE Institute D/A/CH

Richard Furch ist seit 2000 als erfolgreicher Mix Engineer in den USA tätig. Unter anderem arbeitete er mit Musikgrößen wie Prince, Outcast, Patti LaBelle, Usher und jungen Künstlern wie Frank Ocean und The Weeknd zusammen.

Nach seinem Audio Engineering Diploma am SAE Institute Berlin hat Christian Raters gemeinsam mit seinem Studienkollegen Julian Meybohm 2014 das Studio Lyrebird in Berlin gegründet. Gemeinsam haben sie sich der Entwicklung und Vertonung von Computerspielen verschrieben.

Nach seinem Audio Engineering Diploma am SAE Institute Berlin hat Julian Meybohm gemeinsam mit seinem Studienkollegen Christian Raters 2014 das Studio Lyrebird in Berlin gegründet. Das Projektstudio bietet die Entwicklung professioneller Spiele inklusive qualitativ hochwertiger Sounds.

2015 gründete Robin Hasenbach das drei-köpfige Game-Startup N-Gon Entertainment mit Studienkollegen in Köln. Seinen ersten Erfolg feierte der studierte Games Programmer bereits während des Studiums mit dem VR-Erlebnis Viking Rage.

Chris Müller ist Geschäftsführer des SAE Institute in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. Chris lernte selbst am SAE Institute und ist ausgebildeter Audio Engineer. Seit 2011 verantwortet er als Geschäftsführer die strategische Ausrichtung der Medienschule und die Erweiterung des Studienangebots.
Opening Panel: Vom Start-up zum Millionär: Der SAE Absolventen-Talk (german)

Zum Auftakt der SAE Alumni Convention 2017 dreht sich alles rund um Startups und Existenzgründung. Auf dem Panel: „Vom Start-up zum Millionär: Der SAE Absolventen-Talk“ am 18. Oktober um 12 Uhr diskutiert Chris Müller (Geschäftsführer SAE Institute D/A/CH) gemeinsam mit SAE-Absolventen über ihren Weg in die Selbständigkeit und verrät, wie das SAE Institute seine Studierenden bei der Karriereplanung künftig noch intensiver unterstützen wird. Mit dabei ist Grammy-Preisträger Richard Furch aus Los Angeles. Er startete seine Karriere mit einem Diplom als Audio Engineer am SAE Institute Berlin und ist seit vielen Jahren selbstständig. Die SAE-Alumni Christian Raters und Julian Meybohm gründeten 2014 das Studio Lyrebird in Berlin und haben sich der Entwicklung und Vertonung von Computerspielen verschrieben. Komplettiert wird das Panel von Robin Hasenbach, Gründer von N-Gon Entertainment, einem Startup für VR-Games aus Köln.
Business / General Topic
Richard Furch
President at Tribase Productions

Richard Furch is at a sweet spot in his career as a mix engineer.

Starting out in New York, he was part of some of the seminal albums of the 2000’s such as Outkast’s “Speakerboxxx/The Love Below” and Usher’s “Confessions” and critical darlings such as Fountains Of Wayne’s “Stacy’s Mom”.

Moving coasts to Los Angeles saw him working with all-time giants of the music industry such as Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. He was then tapped by the legendary Prince as mixer and engineer for his latest Gold selling, chart topping “Lotusflower/MPLSound” album.

Growing up on SSL consoles and having learned from legendary mixers such as Michael Brauer, Chris Lord-Alge and Tchad Blake, Richard obtained an in-depth knowledge and appreciation of analog and digital mixing techniques, a stunning arsenal of vintage and modern gear and finally his own no holds barred mixHaus studios in LA.

He has amassed credits on 6 Grammy winning albums out of 18 nominated albums, with 3 current nominations in multiple categories for 2017.

With 25+ million records sold including two diamond selling projects, 500+ million youtube views and over 230 album credits to his name he continues to craft profoundly emotional mixes with exceptional sonics and ecstatic clients for the likes of Frank Ocean, Tyrese, BJ The Chicago Kid, Leela James, India.Arie, TGT, Chrisette Michele, The Weeknd, Ledisi, K Michelle, Chaka Khan, The Isley Brothers, Patti LaBelle and many many more.

From Germany to USA to China - A Mixer's Journey

Multi-Platinum/Grammy Winning mixer Richard Furch describes his path from being a musician in Berlin to living the mixer's dream in Los Angeles and branching out into new markets such as China.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Audio, Music Business, Business / General Topic
Thomas Bedenk
VR/AR Consultant at bedenk.de/sign

Thomas Bedenk is Virtual Reality Consultant and leads the VR/AR department of Exozet Berlin GmbH. From 2009 until 2015 he had his own game studio Brightside Games. He has degrees in Media Design and Human Factors. He was teaching various subjects at game schools and universities. Prior, he was freelance interactive designer and developer for about 10 years and worked on special effects in the movie industry. He started his love for digital creation playing Pac-Man against his twin brother on the Atari 800XL and developed his first own games 1996.

Interaction Design for Virtual Reality

Interaction design for virtual reality is far from being standardized. Thomas will give an overview of VR as a new medium and the current input options out there in this talk. These devices demand nontraditional approaches to human-computer interaction. He will also touch on topics like making it work cross platform, the psychology of the user in VR and different use scenarios for VR demanding different kinds of interaction design. Thomas will show many examples of enterprise use as well as games.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Games, Business / General Topic
Roy Recklies
Mastering Engineer at Monoposto Mastering GmbH

SAE Alumni Roy Recklies (25) has been working as a Mastering Engineer for Monoposto since 2014. He collaborated with artists like Robin Schulz, Sondaschule, Olli Schulz, Hugel. Roy also teaches Mastering classes at SAE Cologne.

Mastering with modern tools presented by Roy Recklies (Robin Schulz) and iZotope

iZotope proudly presents SAE Alumni Roy Recklies who explains aspects of today's mastering on the basis of his work for Robin Schulz and various other artists.
Roy will also review your mixes during this webinar and provide you with feedback on how to use modern and affordable tools like Ozone to make a great sounding master. Besides he will tell about how his career started in the music industry.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Experts
Audio, Music Business
Ivana Randelshofer
UX Supervisor at Ubisoft Blue Byte

Ivana Randelshofer will share her experiences and challenges from her daily work as UX Supervisor for the German Ubisoft Blue Byte Studios. Together with her team, she supports game developers and coordinates UX production across many projects. Apart from her work at Ubisoft, she teaches UX and Interaction Design at various universities and currently works on her Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction. She strongly collaborates with international research facilities to elaborate on information design within both, research as well as in the video game industry.

UX meets Neuroscience: Perceptual Habits and Mental Models in Video Games

Creating memorable user experiences in games can be tough, since often huge amounts of information need to be conveyed unambiguously and made accessible to the player. Having an understanding about the fundamentals of neuroscience can help us out a lot here.

This talk will take you on a journey into the realms of emotion, attention, memory, and perception - the abstract cognitive functions. How does the brain encode information and where does these processes happen? But more importantly, how can this impact and enhance our decisions when designing information architecture and interfaces in games?

By analyzing various game examples, we will discuss how we can structure and display information to enable players to successfully move away from recall towards recognition and look into methods that ultimately result in stronger player control and empowerment.

The goal of this talk is to provide insights into the human mind, processing of information and the factors that are significant for designing more effective user experiences for our players.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Oliver Schütte
Consultant / Lecturer / Writer

Oliver Schütte is an expert for storytelling. He works as a consultant, lecturer and as a writer. He is the author of "Die Kunst des Drehbuchlesens" and "Schau mir in die Augen, Kleines", two of the most popular books on script writing in Germany. He lives in Berlin and San Francisco.

TV is dead - new ways of storytelling

Oliver Schütte will give not only an overview of innovations with regard to film and television. He also looks into the future. He is exploring the way media technology - from TV to Netflix & Co - will develop in 10 years. And he describes in detail their impact - on the stories and on the viewers or users. The session elaborates clear trends that will determine the image of audiovisual media in 2025.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Film & TV
Miles Tost
Level Designer at CD Projekt RED S.A.

Miles started working as a Level Designer at CD Projekt RED in January 2013 where he worked on "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" and its expansion packs "The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone" and "The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine".
Currently he is working on the studio's upcoming title "Cyberpunk 2077".

Crafting Worlds - Guidelines for Making Better Playgrounds

In this talk we will highlight a handful of core principles that will help you make better levels and that we use on a daily basis to make our games (such as "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" + Expansions). The talk is designed to give an overview of things that you can easily apply for immediate effects in your work - almost like a check-list. Please feel invited to join us, regardless of whether you want to become a Level Designer or contribute otherwise to game development, as many of these principles can also be applied across disciplines. Consider this a peek into a Level Designer's inventory.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Volker Gebhardt
Mix & Mastering Engineer at Volker IDR Gebhardt (Mix and Mastering) / Presenting for Audiowerk

Germany-based mixing and mastering engineer Volker ‘IDR’ Gebhardt is a multi-award recipient whose credits include national and international bestsellers.

CRO, Shanty, Topic, Dat Adam, Mike Singer, Bushido, DJ Katch, Niko Santos, Eko Fresh, Azad and a lot of others.

Mixing tips from multi gold and platinum Engineer Volker IDR Gebhardt

Volker will talk about his journey as a mixing and mastering engineer in the industry. In an open conversation he will show some clever tricks and will also answer some questions.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Anthony-James Owen
Managing Director at Guerrilla Marketing Group

My name is Anthony-James Owen and I am the managing director of the Guerrilla Marketing Group based in Berlin. We brought the Guerrilla marketing concept to Europe in 1994. We help medium sized to big companies to run better marketing and sales campaigns.

My everyday job is a mix of being a consultant, trainer and author at the same time. On top of being the chief evangelist for Guerrilla Marketing in Europe, I am also the host for the very popular German marketing podcast GuerrillaFM which we produce now in its 9th season. So far we delivered more than 420 episodes of sales and marketing knowledge for free.

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is a marketing strategy designed for businesses to promote their products or services in an unconventional way with little budget or almost no budget at all to spend.

Small budget but big marketing success - this is the result for a company using Guerrilla Marketing. In his funny and informative session Anthony-James Owen is showing the audience:

* Why is Guerrilla Marketing working?
* very successful marketing campaigns and the underlying tools to steal the best ideas for your own marketing
* How to fight back when your competition is bigger and better equipped
* How to build your own Guerrilla Marketing campaign if you can’t afford any ad agency or creative person (except yourself)

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners

Using a podcast to become a recognised authority in your industry

A lot of people listen to podcasts every day. But most people have no idea how to use podcasting as an effective strategy to become an authority in your industry.

Anthony-James Owen will lead you through his experience as an marketing consultant to build a better brand and generate new customer by producing and hosting a podcast. He shows

* Is podcasting the next big wave?
* To see or not to see - the right media for you
* When you should NOT even think about a podcast
* Some insight into needed technology: Recording, Hosting etc.
* What time frame is realistic and what can you expect?
* How to start right and hold on over years to come
* Q&A session

So - come and listen!

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Web, Business / General Topic
Sven L. Franzen

Sven L. Franzen is marketing expert, full-blooded entrepreneur, jurist, lecturer, volunteer at the Junior Chamber and student of law at the Goethe University in Frankfurt. In 2005 he founded, aged 16, his first company, where legal barriers were quickly overcome and the court gave him the “green light” for the TIGER MARKETING Group GmbH.

He was thus Germany’s youngest entrepreneurs. His exotic status and innovative work results brought him rapidly to Success: From the student he became a business man, today his company is one of the leading marketing agencies in Germany, Europe. BMW and Accor hotels are among its customers, amongst others. The press excitedly reported about the entrepreneur and the encouragement for those who want to start their entrepreneurial ambitions.

In 2006 he was awarded the “Hessen Best” Award, in 2010 The “Germany milestone” Award, in 2014 the “Merit” Award from JCI Stuttgart, 2015 the “golden Junior Pin” of JCI Germany and 2016 as “German Example Entrepreneur”.

The secret of founding a successful company and marketing strategies

Learn, do and feel how to found a successful company and how you can push it with the right marketing strategy. You will learn what are the do and don'ts for your own business, what are must haves for entrepreneurs and what can make your start-up successful. We will talk and do marketing strategies for an example project and learn how to build a brand and bring it on the market. Do you want to learn more about founding your own company and go with the right marketing? Then you should use your 90 minutes to participate at this workshop.

Type: Hands-On-Workshop
Hitch: Advanced
Business / General Topic
Collin Bishop
Product Manager at CRYENGINE

Collin has been immersed in the entertainment industry his entire life, and he began his career as a camera assistant for Sam Raimi at Ghosthouse Pictures in Los Angeles. After several years working on commercial productions in the United States, he moved to Dubai to oversee instructional content for JSOC and to train special operatives for pre-deployment. Throughout his career, he has focused on pushing the boundary between film and games with real-time rendering. He is currently the CRYENGINE Product Manager at Crytek, where he facilitates engine development with a direct impact on the community and maintains a close connection with the CRYENGINE user base.

Designing Game Logic with Schematyc and Components

The example scene "Lighten Up" provides new users with a framework to set up their own scenes using the tool Schematyc. Schematyc is a graphing implementation similar to Flow Graph that allows for advanced collections of components to be assembled which previously was only possible through LUA scripting or C++/C# programming.

Various mechanics are covered in the session that include input, movement, physics, sound, particles, and volumes. We hope to see all users build upon the sample and showcase the flexibility that Schematyc brings to the CRYENGINE V toolset.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Games, Animation, Audio, Business / General Topic
Gary Marlowe
Composer & Producer at garymarlowe.com

Gary Marlowe is a filmmaker creating music.
An award-winning composer and producer, Marlowe started playing piano at four, turned into a synthesizer prodigy in his early teens and became one of Berlin ́s foremost musicians, opening for the likes of Iggy Pop and The Ramones with his band.
Gary Marlowe became a No.1 hit songwriter and producer for several top acts, leading to Platinum and Gold Record awards, and collaborations which ranged from electronica to speed metal.
Marlowe studied Composition for Film with Oscar winners Luis Bacalov (“The Postman”) and Nicola Piovani (“Life is beautiful”) at the Accademia Chigiana in Italy. Ever since, film scores are the center of Marlowe ́s work, leading to multiple awards and festival wins.
Today, Gary Marlowe is best known for his minimalist combinations of ambient electronic soundscapes and elegantly reduced orchestra parts. He was chosen by the World Soundtrack Academy to perform one of his works with The Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra.
Gary Marlowe is a Berlinale Talent Alumnus, a voting member of the World Soundtrack Academy and the European Film Academy.

A brief lesson in taste: What makes a good film score?

Award-winning film composer Gary Marlowe gives a unique insight in the world of music for film. With a career that spans from being a hit songwriter and producer to scoring international movies, Marlowe´s lectures are based on the real life experience of a working film composer. Honest, witty and often surprising, his lectures will give you an idea about what it takes to create good music for the movies.

A BRIEF LESSON IN TASTE will explore the question why so much music we get to hear in movies is just... plain crap.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Audio, Film & TV
Daniel Ebner
Artistic Director at VIS Vienna Shorts - International Festival for Short Film, Animation & Music Video

Daniel Ebner (*1981) is the co-founder and Artistic Director of the Oscar® qualifying festival VIS Vienna Shorts, one of Europe's most relevant international events for short film, animation, and music video. He has a Master's degree in Political Science and studied Cultural Studies and Film Studies in Vienna and Berlin. Daniel has been cultural editor and film critic at APA Austrian Press Agency for many years and still writes for film magazines in Germany and Austria. In addition, he is the co-producer of the football short-film reel “Eleven Minutes” (A/CH 2008), a film advisor for the city of Vienna and the state of Vorarlberg, spokesman for the Association of Austrian Film Festivals, and also works as a film and art curator.

You've finished your short film — now what?
How to deal with distributors, sales agencies, and the festival world

Making a short film is a lot of work, but you should bear in mind: the work doesn't end after your film is completed. If you want to showcase your film the best way possible it's important to be aware of certain factors: the length of the film, a well-thoughtout festival strategy, the strengths and weaknesses of online platforms, and the role a distributor or a sales agent can play. The 60 minute session will provide insight into the the distribution chain and give advice on successful short film marketing.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Film & TV, Animation
JP van Seventer
Managing Director at Dutch Game Garden

JP van Seventer is Managing Director at Dutch Game Garden (Utrecht, The Netherlands) where he directs the first dedicated game incubator-accelerator in Europe, arguably in the world. He boosted the starts of game companies such as Ronimo Games (Awesomenauts), Vlambeer (Nuclear Throne, Ridiculous Fishing) , Abbey Games (Reus, Renowed Explorers) and Digital Dreams (Metrico).
He frequently lectures at the Faculty of Game Design, Utrecht University of the Arts and Technology (HKU; Utrecht, the Netherlands) and other universities.
He has nearly two decades of experience in entertainment game development on PC, PlayStation, Wii and mobile platforms in the disciplines of design, art, and management as well as business development. He co-founded W!Games (i.e. Mistbound, My Horse and Me, Atari), a predecessor to Vanguard Games, and he has worked on games on the Knight Rider and Fearfactor IP. He’s a member of the council at Creative Council Topsector Creatieve Industrie, an alumni member of the Dutch Game Awards jury, an alumni member of the GATE game research board of advisory and frequently speaks at events on the subjects of improving the business of game development and the growth and status of the Dutch games industry. In recent years he has been a driving force behind several applied games and healthcare innovation projects (i.e. Business Model Canvas the game bootcamp) as well as developing the professional version of the game jam leading to game IP innovation.
JP holds a bachelor degree in industrial design from the Design Academy Eindhoven and has studied Mechanical Engineering at Framingham State College, Massachusetts and Calvin College, Michigan USA.

Starting Your Game Studio: How to Create an Effective Team

Learn the fundamentals of an effective game startup team

What makes a perfect team for a game startup?
What roles exist within a game startup, and how do you balance them?
How do personal and team motivations influence the growth of a game studio? How do you balance creativity and business?

This talk teaches you about the people needed to form a game company, and keeping expectations in sync with reality. You will get theory and hands-on tips about team composition and team dynamics, applied to startups in the games industry. Most startups are small in size and generally are founded due to a shared passion for games. As an independent game developer, you are making a game and have to run a business at the same time, which is a huge challenge. There's not one answer why some teams are successful, and why some fail. What makes a team successful is a complex set of variables, which we will cover during this talk.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Games, Business / General Topic
Philipp Dominski
Founder at SEOPORT

For the past five years, Philipp worked in online marketing professionally as a freelancer, for agencies and in several own projects. In early 2017, after pushing more than 50 enterprises, he founded the Berlin based SEO agency SEOPORT to help companies thrive online under his own flag.

Be the best result! Or: How to be found on search engines.

How do google & co. sort their search results and what can you do to rank higher with your website? Find out how simple changes and sticking to a few best practices can boost the number of your online visitors and turn them into happy customers.

This talk will give an overview in the field of search engine optimization (SEO) and aims at everyone who maintains an online presence by himself. Whether you are a webdesigner, content creator or you take care of your own business online: Let me give you an insight into the world of SEO.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Cross Media, Web, Business / General Topic
Aimo Brookmann
CEO at Faktory.tv

Aimo Brookmann is founder and CEO of Faktory.tv, an YouTube Multichannel-Network with the main focus on music.

10 Fundamentals of Creative Strategy on YouTube

Got a viral video that pulled 100,000 views? Great! But now what? Chances are, if the audience loved it, they’ll want more. Think beyond the one-video hit and consider developing a series of videos that are just as popular. Use these guidelines to test your ideas and give them the best chance of success on YouTube.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Audio, Music Business, Film & TV, Cross Media, Business / General Topic
Till Zier
Managing Director at Social Trademark GmbH

Till has been a well known product manager in the startup community for the last 10 years. He took over the management of Social Trademark in 2017. Before he was chief of product at Sevenload, Fliplife and Social Trademark.
Besides his expertise in software development, he holds a high level of knowledge in social media, content marketing and SEO.

How to utilize Influencer Marketing and Social Selling

Social Networks changed the customer journey and the sales process. It has never been easier to find the right prospects, build trusted relationships and achieve your goals. Influencer Marketing and Social Selling now is a tool, that eliminates the need for cold calling and let's you identify and then approach prospects in a trusted environment.

You will learn about the possibilities that social networks offer to approach the right people at the right time. Based on best practice examples and great knowledge you will learn about the best tools and how to apply them.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Web, Business / General Topic
Ute Blindert
CNO Chief Networking Officer at Ute Blindert #Speakerin #Autorin

Foto: Tanja Deuß, knusperfarben.de

Ute Blindert works and lives as an author and speaker in Cologne. Her subject: Networking in the Digital Age focusing on Career and Recruitment – may the best talented persons find their best adequate place to be. Ms. Blindert is an author of several books („Find a job through networking“, Campus 2015, „157 questions in the jobinterview“, Business Village 2017). She also writes for various websites such as Bilanz.de, featured and as an editor of karriereletter.de and businessladys.de. She is also a well-known speaker and presenter at career and digital events – especially BarCamps. She volunteers as vice-president finance Digital Media Women e.V. – a successful digital network organization within 10.000 members in Germany.

Unicorn, flamingo or sloth? How to boost your career with social media!

“Put a unicorn into your social profiles and you will get job offers!”
No – boosting your career is not as easy as promoting sausages or toilet paper. But with proper focus, the exact amount of investment and a set of matching social media profiles it will work. Guaranteed. Period.
In this session I will bring first a little bit of theory and meta-level sights – and then I am glad to show you some inspiring examples of your industry.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Recruiting, Business / General Topic
Liz Mercuri
Educational Evangelist at Unity Technologies

Liz Mercuri is an Educational Evangelist at Unity Technologies. Regularly engaging with the game development community, Liz has the fortunate opportunity to encourage and empower the next generation of game development talent. Whether she is mentoring at student game jams, delivering talks on the latest Unity features or getting involved in local initiatives to promote computer games as a viable career option, she realises the importance of empowering developers, instilling confidence and promoting diversity in the game development community.

Using the Unity Game Engine to create Procedural Camera Rigs and Gameplay Cutscenes

Timeline allows artists to create cinematic content and cutscene sequences. Combined with Cinemachine, a unique smart camera system, you can have artistic control over your content using minimal code.

This talk gives an introduction to using Timeline and Cinemachine for gameplay sequences, using the assets of SeithCG’s upcoming game Ghost of a Tale. The talk will cover creating a camera rig using Cinemachine to target and follow the character and using Timeline to create a sequence of interactions. These interactions ranging from animations to camera transitions, allows a seamless blend between gameplay and cutscenes.

This talk will deliver the fundamentals of these powerful new Unity 2017 tools, allowing you to more easily craft and refine your cinematic content and cutscene sequences.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Christian Bohm
3D Generalist at MPC

Christian graduated at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. He has seen the industry as a student, lecturer, artist and supervisor. He worked in Film and Commercials in Los Angeles, Stuttgart and London for Companies like Studio Soi, Psyop, ILM and MPC.

Survival kit for VFX Starters

The session is supposed to give junior artists and beginners some tips for their career in the first couple of years. There are a lot of false informations and rumours among students about different topics like income, behaviour, tools, pipelines and expectations. In this session I will try to shed some light on the most important topics when you start out as an artist in VFX.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Film & TV
Bernhard Steinbrecher
External Lecturer at University of Vienna

Bernhard is a musicologist in the field of popular music studies and holds a PhD from the University of Weimar. In his book "Das Klanggeschehen in populärer Musik" ("The Sounds of the Popular"), he has worked extensively on theories and methods of a contemporary, systematic analysis and interpretation of popular music. Currently, Bernhard is lecturer at the University of Vienna and the University of Salzburg, he is board member of the German-speaking branch of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM D-A-CH), and he is Assistant Editor/Journal Manager of the peer-reviewed IASPM Journal.
Beside his musicological activities, Bernhard has worked as course coordinator and academic coordinator at SAE Institute Vienna.

Analysing Nuances in Popular Music ... and what Musicology can contribute to the Understanding of Musical Valuation

Music analytical approaches do not seem very helpful to better understand why only so few pieces of music gain widespread popularity, while most of the others, although obviously similar, do not. Popular YouTube parodies like "4 Four Chord Song, 40 Songs, Same Chords" underline the music’s exchangeability. Musicologists usually have a rich, well-established vocabulary to describe harmony, tonality, pitch organisation, form and meter. It is those musical aspects which can frequently leave one unsatisfied when analysing contemporary popular songs, where they often seem quickly examinable and make the music appear simple. In this talk, I will look beyond these discrete musical dimensions and discuss, on the basis of approaches from cognitive psychology, processes happening on the very micro level of recordings. Nuances can be considered as crucial for identifying, contextualising, and evaluating music, and I will exemplarily show how to analyse and interpret them in connection to their "non-musical" contexts.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Audio, Music Business
Gad Hinkis
CEO at polyjamer

Composing electronic music and hip-hop, rapping and singing since 2000. Gad produced 15 albums with dozens of projects, and played over 300 shows worldwide. Living in Berlin since 2009, he is the front man and producer of Dirty Honkers, a ground breaking electro-swing band infamous for their explosive live shows, and custom made digital instruments, designed by Gad for electronic music improvisation. In 2013 Gad founded the art collective Polyjam, where he designs interactive music installations for events and festivals, such as TOA, Music Tech Fest and Jerusalem film festival.

Today he is the inventor of the Polyjamer App, a super intuitive music collaboration app.

Polyjamer - playing music together

In this session Gad will present his Polyjamer project, a super intuitive music app designed for collaboration, online, and in the real world. The audience will get a chance to try the beta version first hand and will get a glimpse on the vision for the young company: Turning everyone in the world into a musician, and giving the feeling of what its like to play music together.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Valérie Juillard
Product Manager at Moka Studio

Olivier Morgan
COO at Moka Studio

After working as a 2D and 3D animator for various studios in Europe, producing content and animations for movies and commercials, Valerie Juillard joined Moka Studio’s team as Product Manager. She also leads the testing process of Mosketch, produces marketing content and tutorials. In conjunction with development studios and in partnership with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Moka Studio has produced a new technology that transforms the 3D animation process.

With more than two decades as serial entrepreneur, Olivier has acquired a strong experience in setting-up solid foundations for companies and their management teams, implementing and enforcing road maps, and orchestrating operations. Olivier is well familiar with the 3D animation industry as one of his start-ups was a gaming company, whose core product was a massively multiplayer online game. Olivier also serves on the advisory board of a few innovation company, whose concepts reinvent their industries.

Mosketch Light: Quick and Easy Character Animation

Nowadays being an animator requires extensive IT knowledge and expertise in complex softwares. Moka Studio decided to launch Mosketch Light to abstract all this complexity from animators and allow them to focus on their real talent.
Our cutting-edge solution is a true innovation in our industry, demonstrating to all professional animators and artists that it is possible to animate with ease and speed. The software gets rid of the complexity that other alternatives force on their users and provides a more intuitive way to animate 3D characters.

In short, Mosketch Light allows you to:
• Animate any 3D character using joints only
• Get rid of the rigging process
• Sketch and quickly design key poses with the stroke of a pen

Moka Studio is constantly researching new technologies to foster innovation in our industry and will launch a Pro version of its software in 2018 with increased features.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Games, Film & TV, Animation
Peter Harris
Founder at Resonate

As a web developer since the 90's, Peter has built hundreds of sites across dozens of industries. Having special focus on the music business, he has collaborated with numerous musicians from struggling artists to mid-level bands and even a few platinum-selling superstars.

With a day job as web developer, Peter had a night hobby as DJ and electronica producer, using virtually every web and music publishing platform available. Finding them all lacking, this combination of background and insight is what led to the fundamental features to be offered via Resonate.

Beyond Resonate, Peter is actively contributing to groups and initiatives seeking to create a blockchain-based standard for music metadata and licensing.

Is there only one way to stream?

Streaming has taken over as the dominant distribution method for the industry. But is the flat fee, monthly subscription model the only one that works? In this talk we'll look at a different model called "stream to own" which creates new opportunities for fans and a better royalty structure for musicians. Brought to you by Resonate, a new streaming music cooperative where everyone in the community is a co-owner in the enterprise.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Music Business
Hans Christian Feßl
Developer & Designer at A1 Telekom Austria & Freelancer

By day an employee at the A1 Telekom Austria where I'm part of an IT development team. By night a freelance designer and developer who goes by the name "Der Fessl" (no... not Batman... I know, very disappointing... sorry). I'm also a lecturer at the SAE Institute in Vienna.

Tales of a Web Alumnus

I started working as a part-time freelancer four years ago while still pursuing my diploma at the SAE Institute in Vienna. Right before I finished my bachelor's degree, I got a job in a development team at the company I had already worked for. Now, three years later, I have a bunch of stories to tell and some experiences I would like to share with you. As someone who is a freelancer as well as an employee, I know many of the ups and downs on both sides. So if you're not sure which way to go, come to the talk — you might find my perspective helpful.

I will reserve time for Q&A. So if you have questions, bring them with you. I will do my best to answer them all.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners / Advanced
Web, Cross Media, Business / General Topic
Eric Horstmann
Audio Solutions Specialist at Avid

Eric was working in cinema post-production for more then 10 years as a re-recording mixer and technical director. He was responsible for the first german Dolby Atmos mixing stage and worked on many international cinema and high-end TV projects.
In 2014 he joined Avid as an Audio Solution specialist for central EMEA.

Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration - Record, edit, and mix Pro Tools sessions with other users as if you're working in the same studio.

Avid Solutions Specialist Eric Horstmann in cooperation with Mark Ziebarth, Producer and Uwe Bossert, Guitarist, Producer (ex-Reamonn)

Imagine being able to find the perfect singer, drummer, producer, or mixer. Or collaborate on a project with your writing partner or bandmates without anyone leaving their house—all at the click of a button. That’s the power of Avid Cloud Collaboration, available in the latest version of Pro Tools and Pro Tools | HD.
During this session our Solution Specialist will collaborate with both Mark Ziebarth, Producer and Uwe Bossert, Guitarist, Producer (Ex-Reamonn) and gives an in-depth walkthrough of Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration.

Preview features and watch a series of videos before the presentation at www.avid.com/avid-cloud-collaboration-for-pro-tools

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Manuel Matuzović
Frontend Developer

Manuel is a front-end developer from Vienna who’s specialised in HTML, CSS, accessibility and frontend performance.

He works freelance for different clients and teaches HTML and CSS. Manuel is also one of the organizers of the webclerks meetup in Vienna. You can see what he’s currently up to on his Medium page and on Twitter.

Accessible UX

As frontend developers we're using a variety of advanced tools and techniques to create awesome things. While this makes us and our projects great we tend to forget about how diverse our users and thus the ways they consume our sites are. On the 100 most popular web sites the number of accessibility errors has increased by 60% over the last 5 years. Most of those errors could've been avoided by understanding and applying basic concepts of the frontend languages we use every day. During this talk Manuel will illustrate how much of an impact simple tweaks in your HTML, CSS and JavaScript can have on the overall accessibility of your web sites and apps. On top of that you are going to learn how other people surf websites, which will help you to choose the right tag or property in your next project.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Tim Heinrich
Music Producer at sounTH

Tim produces music and sounds for commercials and image videos (TV, radio, cinema, B2B, B2C), events and planetariums from mono to surround and atmosphea with several awards (Cannes Gold, World Media Festival Silver and Gold...). The variety goes from classical to EDM, creating new sounds, from mockup to real orchestra recordings.

For eight years he has been head of sound at the agency echopark. Since nine years he is working on his own.

His credits cover brands like adidas, CDU, DHL, Douglas, Expo, Opel, Panasonic, Telekom, Thyssen Krupp, VW, Vodafone, ZDF and many more.

Expo Trailer Music - Walking through

We will have a look at the Cannes award winning music production for the official Expo 2017 trailer. From the first phone call, spotting sessions, temp tracks, hear what version have been rejected to unexpected troubles. You will see the silent movie, learn about the different concepts, listen to different single tracks and recordings. There will be the complete session. I'll explain my workflow, my orchestral template and how I work from scratch.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Vera Epp-Winter
Co-Founder, Managing Director at Gizmo Management GmbH

Ulrich Järkel
Co-Founder, Managing Director at Gizmo Management GmbH

Senior Executive with over 25 years general management and international leadership experience in local and international Music, Media & Entertainment industry.
Currently co-Founder and Managing Director at Gizmo Management GmbH, Berlin.
A versatile and forward thinking executive with extensive expertise in business development, general management and strong leadership and strategic marketing skills with a “hands-on” attitude and a passion for developing music artist talents.

Ulrich has worked in the music industry for almost 20 years, starting out as an artist himself, releasing records on Sven Väth‘s electronic music label Harthouse. After working as chief editor for music television programmes he held several executive positions within BMG Entertainment Germany and Sony Music International in London. After setting up his own company Holistic Boogie Coasters, managing music and contemporary art events – he teamed up with Vera to form GIZMO Management.

The Music Industry today & tomorrow. How to break an artist in the digital age.

The session will cover two distinct parts:
It will start with a general overview outlining the structure of today’s music industry and its key players and will then elaborate on some numbers (revenues by players and category, market shares etc). The first part will finish off with some forward looking projections.
The second part will then deal with one of the most important questions plaguing record companies and artists across the globe: in an era when radio comes last, big data rules and over 4.000 new songs being released every day - what’s the best strategy to stand out and to get noticed?

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Music Business
Sebastian Mönch
Senior Product Specialist International at Steinberg Media Technologies

After successfully completing his studies in studio recording, film sound and interactive music Sebastian started working as a sound designer and composer for games.
In 2009 he joined Steinberg Media Technologies, a leading developer of audio software and hardware. As Senior Product Specialist he trains e.g. staff of broadcast stations, game developers, recording studios and musicians within Germany and abroad.

Sebastian has several years of experience in game audio and teaches this topic at SAE Hamburg.

An Introduction to Game Audio - from Sound Creation to Integration

This seminar will introduce you to the production and integration of audio for computer and video games.
Here is a brief overview of the topics we will talk about:

- Game audio basics
- Dialogue recording
- Sound Design
- Music for games
- Integration: Getting the sound into the game

We’ll have a look at the complete pipeline using a practical example, starting with asset creation in the DAW Steinberg Nuendo, handing it over to the Audio Middleware Audiokinetic Wwise, and finally the actual integration into the Game Engine Unity.

No previous knowledge of this topic is required. Knowledge of general audio engineering will be helpful, but is not mandatory.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Audio, Games
Chris Solarski
Creative Director at Solarski Studio

Chris Solarski (SOLARSKI STUDIO) specialises in the relationships between video game aesthetics and user experience—particularly the physical movements of players. His two books are widely considered essential reading for anybody interested understanding the artistic scope of interactive media. Chris' first book—'Drawing Basics and Video Game Art' (Watson-Guptill 2012)—is endorsed by John Romero and has been translated into Japanese and Korean. His second book—'Interactive Stories and Video Game Art' (CRC Press 2016)—has been described as gaming's equivalent to the screenwriting classic, Story, by Robert McKee and is endorsed by film director, Marc Forster:

"Chris Solarski’s book gives content creators crucial insights into interactive story composition and how to adapt these concepts for transmedia storytelling."
―Marc Forster, Film Director and Producer

With kind support from the Swiss Arts Council, Pro Helvetia, Chris has given talks at international venues including the Smithsonian's landmark 'The Art of Video Games' exhibition, SXSW, GDC Europe, and FMX. Chris is currently collaborating with internationally renowned artist, Phil Hale, to develop an indie game based on the 'Johnny Badhair' series of paintings. He also lectures at SAE Institute in Zurich and coordinates the IGDA Switzerland Chapter.

Player Gestures and the Art of Interaction

Game design encompasses several storytelling art-forms, which principally include screenwriting, animation, music, cinematography and interaction. Interaction is gaming's essence and yet the true artistic value of this element remains elusive. Chris Solarski's talk will explore important links between interaction and classical art to build a greater understanding of the player's role in the artwork and help game designers orchestrate player gestures with more sophistication and in emotionally-meaningful ways.

While the talk is primarily aimed at game developers, filmmakers, web designers and animators will also find the concepts highly applicable to their work.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Games, Film & TV, Cross Media, Animation
Markus Brackelmann
Senior Concept Artist at Trixter

Markus Brackelmann is a professional Concept artist and Art director based in Munich/Germany currently working for Trixter as a Senior Concept artist in the VFX industry.
Shortly after studying Illustration/Graphic design / 3D art, he started working as an educator for various institutes such as the SAE Institute and gathered first experiences working for Videogame and Movie companies such as Chimera Entertainment, DeepSilver, Bavaria Film...
In 2015 Markus started working in the VFX industry and since creates concept art for feature films, including:
Independence Day: Resurgence, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, Fast and Furious 8, Spiderman Homecoming, Thor Ragnarok and various other projects. Allways showing a great fascination for science/technology/history and various other influences, he is keen to develop new ideas and push designs using a wide variety of tools ranging from 3D, Illustration and Photography as well as Fractal and Mathematical tools.

Concept art | Insights and useful techniques

Concept art has become an indispensable part of the movie industry.
In this session I will give you insight into my work for feature films and will talk about the various tools and techniques that I use on a daily basis in order to produce concept art for production.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Games, Film & TV
Luis Guggenberger
Senior Concept Artist at Industrial Light & Magic

Luis graduated from the Munich University of Applied Sciences, with a degree in Industrial Design. He joined TRIXTER, a leading VFX Studio in Germany, in 2011, where he proved himself a vital member of the team, providing concept art, including prop designs featured in Marvel's The Avengers (2012). A short time later, TRIXTER formed an in-house Art Department, led by Luis. Within the following years Luis and his team developed concept art for projects such as Iron Man 3, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Independence Day 2. In 2015 when the Force awakened in London he joined Industrial Light & Magic as one of the first Concept Artists in the newly established facility.

Concept Art for feature films

Concept Art has become an essential part of film making from financing and script writing all the way to post production. I will share my experiences and insights in creating concept designs for movies in different stages of the production. Besides showing the creative challenges I was facing throughout my career, I will take you behind the scenes of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Man in the High Castle, Independence Day 2, Iron Man 3, Avengers and much more..

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Film & TV
Marten Stockenberg
Freelancer Webdesign & Development Headinstructor at SAE Institute GmbH

I work as a freelance WebDev since 2013. I completed several projects over the time and the majority of them were handcraftet OOP Projects. Some time ago i fell in love with Laravel (PHP Framework) and the simplicity and beauty of code. With this in mind i also explored some JavaScript Frameworks like Angular or Vue.

I wanna share some of this excitement with the Community and eventualy open some closed eyes.

Laravel & Vue - Let's explore

In this session I will show the coding style of this combination with a little Web-Application as Example.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Moritz Schwind
Head Honcho at Entagma

Manuel Cassola Merkle
Partner and Creative Director at Aixsponza, Entagma

Be it pixels, hardware, code or cameras – if it’s interesting, Moritz is gonna take it apart. And sometimes even reassemble it. In his spare time he likes to dabble with code and create generative artwork. He claims his early exposure to QBasic is no help at all when working in Houdini, Cinema 4D, Processing or Arduino. But it might have been what started his fascination for the boundaries of code and art. When not wreaking havoc to any intriguing devices around him, he works as an Art Director at Aixsponza.

Changes his software packages more often than his shirts. Manuel Casasola Merkle likes to dive deep into the ins & outs of contemporary CG research, burrying his desk under piles of Siggraph papers. An avid Cinema 4D user, Manuel keeps an open mind about tools and uses whatever it takes to get a job done, thus racking up quite diverse software skills such as VEX, Pyhton, Houdini, World Machine, Photo Scan, 3D Coat, Krita, Fusion or ZBrush. When he’s not pondering over the state of 3D software in general, he is partner and creative director of Munich based studio Aixsponza.

Generative Design á la Houdini

Design and VFX are converging. While Motion Design is finding it's way into big budget blockbusters, designers increasingly embrace the versatility and power of tools traditionally found in VFX. Entagma's Manuel & Moritz share their insights on how to successfully combine physics, biology, VFX and design into a new approach to Motion Design using Houdini.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Film & TV, Animation
Matthieu Schmit
Producer at GhostRaum

Matthieu Schmit is a creative producer and storyteller, with a background in script writing and directing images. His expertise in post-production and visual effects led him to collaborate with some of the greatest artists and directors of our time; Wim Wenders, Tadao Ando, Sebastião Salgado, Bruno Dumond, and on various international productions.

In 2016, he created the Berlin collective GhostRaum, where he can use his experience to materialize ideas into visual concepts and images, always with an approach to technology as a means for storytelling.

Storytelling from a VFX Artist & Creative Director Perspective
so to say, how to create the magic, and be on time for dinner?

Visual Effects are a function of a story! But how to materialize ideas into visual concepts and images? Matthieu is going to tell us his story and the stories behind his works.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Film & TV, Cross Media, Animation, Business / General Topic
Maximilian Nemmert
Founder/Game Director/LeadDev at Squad Loft

Born in 1983, Max started playing computer games at the age of 5 and never stopped since. He got into programming (incl. first text-based adventures) at the age of 7. With 12 years, he joined the team developing the first homepages for companies like Deutsche Bank and Motorola.

His further professional life lead him from human resource management to the private equity industry to management consulting where he worked his way up from working student to shareholder of a small consultancy within 6 years.

He entered the game industry in 2013 because all that years, games and gaming remained his true passion … and because his wife told him to do so … but that is a story you should ask him about yourself.

How to validate your fictional characters along real world concepts - A framework.

Creating believable virtual world characters with tangible personalities is challenging. In this talk, a framework is outlined for challenging, validating and thereby enhancing the believability of virtual world characters. This framework reverses - and this way leverages - methods developed to solve an opposed challenge regarding real world characters: To understand the motivation, character traits, cultural background, and behavior of real people.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Games, Cross Media
Matthias Zuber
CEO at polyeides medienkontor

Matthias Zuber (born 1965) graduated from the German School of Journalism Munich (DJS) in 1998. He founded polyeides medienkontor in 1997. Since then he has been working as a freelance writer for Stern, die Zeit, and Sueddeutsche Zeitung, amongst others. In the area of radio broadcasting he has created several long features for stations such as Deutschland Radio, SWR II and WDR III. He has worked freelance as a writer, director, dop, cutter and producer for television not only with magazine formats but also for short documentaries (30 - 45 minutes) and feature-length films (90 - 120 minutes), broadcasting stations he worked for include i.a. BR, MDR, SFB/RBB, NDR, WDR, SWR, ARD, ZDF, 3sat, ZDF kultur, KIKA, DW TV, ORF (Austrian TV), SR (Swiss TV), and arte. In 2000 he was co-writer of the movie-documentary “A Woman And A Half” about Hildegard Knef that received a nomination for the Deutscher Film Preis in 2002. As a university lecturer he teaches i.a. at the German School of Journalism (DJS), Axel Springer Akademie, Berliner Journalistenschule, Grimme Akademie, ARD-ZDF-Medienakademie. He produced the documentary “Der Bergfuerst” in Albania by Philip Vogt for the BR (Bavarian TV). He produced and directed the feature length documentary „German Souls“ which recieved several prices and was shown in German cinemas. In 2012/2013 he produced and directed his first short feature film in Berlin and close to Rheinsberg. He is working on the documentary „Dancer with a Dream“ (2010 - 2017) and on several 30 - 45 minutes short documentaries for tv.

The Meaning of MobileReporting

MobileReporting is fast&furious - and sometimes ugly. That's ok - if You wanted it ugly. But often it's ugly because there is a deep lack of knowledge about audiovisual storytelling or/and handling the smartphone. That's what we want to explore: audiovisual storytelling with smartphones. We will speak about the past of mobrep and about additional devices for making videos with the smartphone. We will learn how we can use it meaningful and sensitive. Therefore we will think and speak about different possibilities how to tell a story with moving images - what is the meaning of editing - and how we can edit within our smartphones. Some of You can have a try to film a short sequence and edit it afterwards ... The session will be a kind of a workshop, where we develop an own idea of mobrep.

In the session we will use an iIPhone and an iPad with FilmicPro (camera app) and Voddio (editing app).

Type: Hands-On-Workshop
Hitch: Beginners
Film & TV, Cross Media, Web
Johannes Kares
Tonmeister at Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co KG

Johannes is a Tonmeister based in Vienna, Austria. He joined Sennheiser in October 2015 and is now working on defining applications for 3D audio as part of the Sennheiser AMBEO core team. During his study, Johannes has worked extensively as freelance Tonmeister and audio engineer, both in the field audio visual content creation and music production, where he had the chance to record in famous halls like the Musikverein or the Konzerthaus in Vienna. Johannes is running a recording studio in Vienna, where he has the ability to define and test new workflows. He also has a programming background and has worked as freelancer on audio software development for different companies.

VR Audio Workflow – Recording, Mixing, Delivery

This sessions aims to give an introduction to the Virtual Reality audio workflow. Recording audio for VR will be discussed by showing how to use both an Ambisonics microphone and additional spot microphones, as well as demonstrating the post-production workflow in a Digital Audio Workstation. Because of the demand for high fidelity, mostly music recording and mixing will be demonstrated with real-life examples.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Tom Ammermann
General Manager at New Audio Technology

Starting as a musician in the 80'th, Tom Ammermann became to be a music producer in the early 90’th for music, advertising and film. As a founder of the Luna Studio 1995 in Hamburg he raises the level of production quality and worked with many local musicians as well as projects.

2000 he began to work on surround productions for music and film projects as well as creates his first Headphone Surround mixes what became his brand.

2008 he started with the Blu-ray project ‘forsenses’ for Sony Music Entertainment with 3D audio productions.

2009 Tom Ammermann started to invent and develop new audio software products to create content for 3D / immersive audio entertainment. One is the Spatial Audio Designer who was used by Lucasfilm creating the Auro-3D mix for the first immersive audio movie ‘Red Tails’ in 2011.

2012 he founded the New Audio Technology where further products like the Spatial Sound Card and the Spatial Audio Game Engine (SAGE) was developed.

Currently Tom Ammermann is working on new technologies in spatial audio and do presentations on high-level audio conferences like AES conventions & conferences, Tonmeistertagung, SAE Alumnis and the International Conference on Spatial Audio (ICSA).

Some references: Stargate, Million Dollar Baby, Terminator 2, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Traffic, Gangs of New York, I, Frankenstein, Expendables I-III and Kraftwerk 3D.

Kraftwerk & Booka Shade – Create music for VR (Skype session)

The session gives an insight of how current music acts could appear in VR applications. Creative approaches, production strategies, tools and listening examples will be shown.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Audio, Music Business, Cross Media
Dimitri Metzeltin
Marketing & Training Manager at LOUD Technologies Inc

Dimitri Metzeltin is an experienced product specialist and demonstrator who performed a lot of workshops, seminars and presentations in the whole world from Japan, to the USA and almost every European country. He has been holding presentations for companies like Steinberg - including the introduction of the Nuendo software - and for the Yamaha corporation. Since 2011 Dimitri is working as Marketing & Training Manager at LOUD Technologies, among other things responsible for realizing Mackie & Ampeg workshops in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Transition Between Hardware and Wireless Mixing

Dimitri Metzeltin will explain how Mackie offers an innovative solution to bridge the gap between wireless and hardware based mixing with the Axis system. The system also includes a complete personal monitoring solution, making additional hardware and multicore cables obsolete.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Roland Meyer-Finelli
Brand Ambassador for DJI GmbH

Roland Meyer-Finelli is freelance brand ambassador and flight trainer for DJI, global market leader for camera stabilisation systems and camera drones. As experienced user of the DJI camera systems he is the right man to give an overview about the possibilities of a 3-axis stabilization and it’s use.

The Magic Of 3-Axis Stabilization

For the last 10 years, DJI has been revolutionizing the way aerial footage and motion videos are captured. We have dedicated all of our efforts in creating the best experience for professionals. Therefore, our camera stabilization systems on ground and in the air have received recognition among cinematographers, photographers and other content-creators. Our easy-to-use camera stabilization systems like Ronin and Osmo have paved their way to the film-sets and production houses. Our seminar at the SAE Alumni Convention will focus on the use of the portable and easy-to-use Osmo. After a brief introduction into Osomo, you will be asked to follow an easy script, in order to capture a continuous shot with a help of one of the Osmos. The second person will be responsible for making a continuous "Behind the scenes" shot with a help of another Osmo. Our goal is to repeat the same script with all the people in the audience, so that everyone can get their hands-on the Osmo.

Type: Hands-On-Workshop
Hitch: Beginners
Film & TV, Cross Media
Samuel Radvila
Academic Coordinator at SAE Institute Zurich

Academic staff in the role of supervisor, lecturer, department coordinator (film) and academic coordinator at SAE Institute Zurich since 2000. Media artist at Optickle.

Mitarbeiter in der Lehre als Superrvisor, Dozent, Fachbereichsleiter (Film) und Academic Coordinator des SAE Institutes Zürich seit der letzten Jahrtausendwende. Medienkunstwerker bei Optickle.

Master of Arts (MA) FH in Music Production - An education based on industry practice
(Session will be held in German only*)

The role and function of the producer as an interface between art and technology is ideally suited for a cooperation between the Kalaidos Musikhochschule (music university) with a focus on art and the SAE Institute with a focus on craft and technique.
The national and international professional network as well as the resources of both institutions complement each other ideally with regard to lecturers and infrastructure. The Kalaidos Musikhochschule and the SAE Institute employ highly qualified lecturers from the fields of art and technology.
In addition to the core target group (bachelor graduates of the Kalaidos Musikhochschule and the SAE Institute), the course is also open to graduates from other similar bachelor programmes. In the future it is planned to expand the master programme to additional areas such as filming, game art and web development.

Master of Arts (MA) FH in Music Production - Die praxisorientierte Ausbildung zum/r Produzenten/in

Die Rolle und Funktion des Produzenten als Schnittstelle zwischen Kunst und Technik eignet sich hervorragend für eine Kooperation zwischen der in erster Linie künstlerisch ausgerichteten Kalaidos Musikhochschule und dem technisch-handwerklich orientierten SAE Institut.
Das nationale und internationale Netzwerk sowie die Ressourcen beider Institutionen ergänzen sich ideal betreffend Dozierende und Infrastruktur. Die Kalaidos Musikhochschule sowie das SAE Institut verfügen über hochqualifizierte Dozierende aus den Bereichen Kunst und Technik.
Neben der Kernzielgruppe (Bachelor Absolventen der Kalaidos Musikhochschule und des SAE Instituts) steht der Lehrgang auch Absolventen andere analoger Bachelor-Lehrgänge offen. Es ist angedacht, den Lehrgang in Zukunft auf zusätzliche Fachbereiche wie das Filmschaffen sowie die Game- und Webentwicklung zu erweitern.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners

* As the degree programme will be solely be taught in German, this session will also be exceptionally held in German.