Convention Party live acts

Legendary Convention Party

No SAE convention without a big party featuring exquisite live acts! In 2018 we will bring three top performances to the stage of E-Werk Cologne.

After his performance on the seminar stage at the Palladium in the afternoon, crazy professor and ingenious inventor “Look Mum No Computer” opens the evening on the big stage at 7 pm.
This is followed at 8 p.m. by the great fireworks of creativity in the shape of the SAE Awards Show, which honors the best works of the year from all SAE disciplines.
After a short break Lax Diamond from Hamburg start with handmade powersounds around 10 p.m. before at 11 p.m headliner act Chefboss will take the energy level even further with their energetic dance and special FX show.
After that it’s far from home: DJ Sascha Appel & DerBreuer take over and the concert hall becomes Colognes hottest dance floor for everyone this night.
Our first-class food stations in the side hall and the bars of the E-Werk help against diminishing energy and dehydration.

SAE Awards Gala and Party

Thursday 11. Oct. 2018
E-Werk Cologne, Schanzenstraße 37, Cologne

  • 6 p.m. doors open
  • 7 p.m. Look Mum No Computer
  • 8 p.m. SAE Awards Show
  • 10 p.m. Lax Diamond
  • 11 p.m. Chefboss
  • 12 p.m. DJ Sascha Appel & DerBreuer


Chefboss, this is Alice Martin, Maike Mohr and her gang. Chefboss, that’s demolition party pop and dancing, that’s dancehall in German, that’s boom, boom, boom and above all one thing: a highly equipped hit department.
Chefboss is all about the maximum: Confetti cannon, CO2 cannon and preferably as many dancers as just fit on stage.
The basic idea: The energy source dance should under no circumstances be outsourced to the listener or semi-motivated background hoppers as usual. It is intended that the audience will also dance at their gigs, but the aim is to bring the art form of dance into their own boat on an equal footing. Along music is playing that opens up many spaces of association: Baile Funk, Dancehall, Voque… the band itself can agree on M.I.A., Major Lazer, Buraka Som Sistema and of course on the live shows of Deichkind.
Already with their 2015 debut EP “Blitzlichtgewitter”, Chefboss really made a stand. They are nominated as best newcomers for the “HANS” Award and take away the victory at the “FritzNacht der Talente” while they are already there. They are also Newcomer of the Month on NJOY. In 2016 Chefboss played their first nightliner tour and set the big stages of the festival summer big at “Rock am Ring” and “Rock im Park”, the “Deichbrand” and the “Hurricane” on fire.

Lax Diamond

Deep, emotional & personal – this is how the 6-piece band LAX DIAMOND from Hamburg describe themselves. Entering new territory, the release of their debut EP “HEARTBOUND” has successfully ventured new musical waters. Every single song of the EP tells a story, which as a whole is a rollercoaster ride of love, sadness, joie de vivre and depression in which every listener can identify with. On stage the 6 guys from Hamburg captivate their audience with a great set of bass runs that will make them dance, explosive drums and a bed of synths & guitar riffs. Lead singer Alex enhances the sounds with his very unique way of performing, his driving rap singing giving an unmistakable character.


Look Mum No Computer

Look Mum No Computer

Look Mum No Computer is a London based live electronic artist who takes his home made machines on the road to play loud music. Usually found in the workshop cooking up a new instrument, he avoids computers like the plague (unless he’s got to send an email). He’s a multi disciplinary artist with exhibitions of his work under his belt as well as many live shows; from squat raves in Berlin to Warehouse setups in London. You might have seen some of his inventions floating around the internet, from Bikes that have Synthesisers and drum machines built into them to 5000 Volt Jacobs ladder and Tesla coil Drum machines, all the way over to Flamethrower organs. Coupling these inventions with big songs the Look Mum No Computer live show is well worth checking out, as well as great music you’ll probably see a new home made obscure machine playing some beats.


DJ Sascha Appel & DerBreuer

The duo consisting of DJ Sascha Appel & DerBreuer performing on international stage since the early 90s and have established themselves with their unique mix of genres, following only one mission – get the crowd to the floor and dance!

First met in 1997 during a movie premiere, since then they put on shows and events like MTV Music Awards, PlayStation Aftershow-Partys, RaveOnSnow, RockAmRing and many many club nights, later even on international level with gigs in Brazil, Tokio or Barcelona.

So they decided to keep the duo permanent, quit rehearsing and transform each performance into a unique spontaneous jamsession. Sometimes DerBreuer shows up as fire spitting zombie, sometimes live drums or guests like Komi Togbonou (Didgeridoo, Percussions “Die Fantastischen Vier“) or Lennart Salomon („Sono“) shape the show, or the whole stage becomes a pyrotechnically playground. One thing is sure, they always amaze.