Get your SAE Alumni Convention Seminar Ticket here!

The presale of  the 2017 seminar tickets will begin in May, so stay tuned!

The number of seminar tickets is limited. Due to our open seminar setup concept we can’t guarantee for seat. The seminar ticket also grants entrance to the SAE Alumni Awards Ceremony and to the party at the E-Werk.

  • With your ticket you will get an audio receiver with which you can tune in to the different channels/stages of the seminar hall.
  • For hygienic reasons please bring your own headphone to use with the receiver. You can use the one of your mobile phone as well. The better the headphone the better your sound
  • In case you don’t have an own Headphone you can rent one for 5€ extra at the desk.
  • Please prepare your ID-card or student pass as a security deposit when lending the receiver. You’ll leave it at the desk and get it back when returning the receiver.

New SAE students: ask your local chapter president for your discount code!

The entrance to the exhibition is free, a ticket is only required for the seminars.

Some schools offer special bundles including travel, accommodation and seminar ticket: Ask your local chaper president.

Make use of the presale!

    • visitor ticket: 199 € (box office) / 149 € (online presale)
    • SAE Students / Alumni: 49 € (box office) / 45 € (online presale)
    • Non-SAE Students: 69 € (box office) / 59 € (online presale)