Speakers 2017

The SAE Alumni Convention Seminar Speakers 2017

This list of the SAE Alumni Convention speakers 2017 is being updated constantly right until the event. The seminar schedule will be published as soon as possible.

For the time being until the first speakers for 2017 will be announced, just look through the list of 2016. So you can get an impression of our wavelength.

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Markus Wiemker
Prof. Game Design at media Akademie - Hochschule Stuttgart (mAHS)

Markus_Wiemker 120x120
Markus Wiemker studied Sociology, Philosophy, and Psychology with the focus on Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Technology RWTH Aachen in Germany. He has been teaching Game Design and Game Studies at various schools and universities in Germany, Austria and Singapore and also developed Game Design curricula for institutions in Europe, Southeast Asia and West Africa. Currently he is Professor of Game Design at the Media Akademie - Hochschule Stuttgart (mAHS), University of Applied Sciences.

Escape Rooms or the (New) Desire for the Analog.

It is often assumed that our coming (gaming) culture will be only virtual or digital - and certainly this will be a big part of our future society. But there is also a counter trend, a growing interest of people to play analog or hybrid games. More and more individuals (or groups) play board games, collect smart toys or Live Action Games. Especially the business of Escape Room Games grows extremely fast. In Escape Rooms players have to discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks in one or more rooms in order to achieve a specific goal, usually escaping from the room, in a team (cf. Nicholson, Scott: 2015). So this paper tries to explore what Escape Rooms really are, what you need to build a simple one and which chances they provide.

Nicholson, Scott: 2015: Peeking behind the locked door: A survey of escape room facilities. White paper available @ http://scottnicholson.com/pubs/erfacwhite.pdf

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Games, Cross Media, Business / General Topic
Yoeri Staal
Game Producer / Founder at StaalMedia

Yoeri has an idealist's passion to produce original and high quality games. As a graduate in Artificial Intelligence, his games often contain computer guided opponents and special effects.

Developing Intelligence

The value of AI in games is often underestimated, and saved until the end of development. A well-designed and unpredictable AI can act like a challenging opponent. Increase immersion through the illusion of other players and replayability through unpredictability…

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Roland Meyer-Finelli
DJI Brand Ambassador

Roland Meyer-Finelli is freelance brand ambassador and flight trainer for DJI, global market leader for camera drones and camera stabilisaton systems. As experienced drone pilot and member of the leading german UAV association (uavdach.org) he is the right man to give an overview about the possibilities of drone use in movie making even taking into account of the applicable law.

With fitting equipment cineastic productions are no matter of budget

DJI presents its current drone series, from simple models for well under 1000 € to professional high-performance systems with modular camera equipment. DJI is also presenting its revolutionary new foldable unmanned air vehicle 'Mavic pro'. The lecture explains why all systems are extremely easy to handle and can be mastered by anyone after only a few minutes of training to keep the focus on the movie not on the flight. In addition to the technical aspect, the legal aspect is also discussed in order to avoid conflicts with citizens and authorities. Afterwards, we leave thematic airy heights and close the presentation with an overview of the hand-held Osmo camera systems.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Film & Animation, Cross Media
Miloš Sutanovac
Co–Founder & Head of Development at Norapay

Miloš is an aspiring developer, speaker & lecturer. His focus lies in client–side web applications that embrace modern workflows. As the human side of things is the most important aspect for him, he loves to convey new information in the form of lecturing, making others passionate about the technologies they use every day. In addition, he’s the co–founder of Norapay and a consultant for young startups.

ES6 — Obviously.

In this talk, we will dive deep into some of the best parts of JavaScript’s current standard — including asynchronous flows, collections, modularity, abstractions — and how to best leverage their capabilities. This session is for you, if JavaScript makes you cry (tears of joy) on a daily basis and/or because you’d like to learn how to structure certain things in a better way.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Web, Games
Christos Martinis
Campus Academic Coordinator at SAE Athens

Chris Martinis is a creative professional with many interests, active in education, creative media production, music publishing and digital technologies. He currently studies at the Athens Information & Technology Institute aiming at a Tech Mini-MBA. Chris was born in Volos Greece in 1973 and raised in Munich Germany where he also studied and partly built his career. As an audio engineer and music producer he counts numerous projects, some of which are still echoing proudly. Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Music (Southern Cross University Australia) he initiates and participates in the opening of SAE Athens in 1998, the reputable Creative Media Institute for which he currently works as the Academic Coordinator. In parallel he establishes Plasteline in Munich, a company aiming in organizing performance events of electronic dance music nature. During 2006 the project develops a clearly defined recording & publishing character and since then counts numerous releases from several artists around the globe. As a performer he adores most kinds of house and techno music, which he passionately and persistently represents throughout his sets. Chris plays various styles of music on his guitar and in these one will easily identify Jazz as they key influence. He loves movies, sports and certainly Mediterranean cuisine.

MA/MSc Professional Practice (Creative Media Industries):

MA/MSc Professional Practice (Creative Media Industries): a self-directed, project-based masters for earlier or mid-career professionals wishing to formalise their experience with a masters qualification.

The programme structure unfolds as you propose, develop and deliver your project. The programme content is drawn directly from the combination of new and existing skills required by your project. The programme can be undertaken fully online in English, German or Italian, in Italian at SAE Milan, or in German at SAE Cologne.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Recruiting, Business / General Topic, Audio, Film & Animation, Games, Cross Media, Web
Bassel Hallak
Producer, Songwriter, Musician

Version 3
Bassel Hallak is a Producer, Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist.
He started working as a session musician and Songwriter at an early age. Bassel played and produced in Studios all over the world, including 301 Sydney, Abbey Road London, Studio Mega Paris and many more.
​He has been working for the last 25+ years in professional environments. For the last 15 years, he runs his own Pro Tools based Studio wich is now located in Hamburg, Germany. Here he composed music for national and international pop music Artists.
His credits as musician and/or writer include such names as: Joachim Witt, Love Amongst Ruins (Band of former Placebo Drummer), Tom Jones, Barry Manilow, and many more.
​Score writing and composing for commercials show Bassels wide range of creating tracks in every possible kind of musical direction. Clients are: Mercedes Benz, Daihatsu, Netman, Volvo, KIA, Esprit, Ferrero, Burger King and many more.
​He also mixed and edited the music for the Golden Globe nominated movie „Gett,the Trial of Vivian Amsalem“ in 2015.
Scream Your Name "15 Years"

Avid Pro Tools - Arranging & Producing, Premix

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Melanie G. A. Patrick
PHP developer at trivago GmbH

Melanie studied Web Design and Development at SAE Munich and is now a PHP developer at trivago’s Düsseldorf office for 3 years. She is working on central tools and systems that are used in every single one of trivago’s many applications, e.g., rights management, A/B testing and translations management. Melanie is passionate about learning new things, enjoys traveling, and likes her steak medium rare.

Git - How to Unfuck

Git is awesome, but sometimes it is just pure pain. With all those powerful features, fuckups will happen from time to time. This talk is interesting for you if you are working with Git or planning to. It is also a case for using Git on the command line, as well as showing you easy ways to handle typical situations that happen in your daily (working) life.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Games, Web, Business / General Topic
Jennifer Krüger
Supervisor HRM Fleet at AIDA Cruises

Hendrik Wokittel
Supervisor HRM Fleet at AIDA Cruises

- studied Business economics
- Management Trainee at AIDA Cruises 2015 (Human Resources Management)
- Since 2016 Supervisor HRM Fleet

- Working for AIDA since 2009, starting as dancing teacher, Chef Adult Animation
- Studied International Business Management
- Since 2014 Supervisor HRM Fleet

AIDA Jobs - Your career and life on board

We are going to talk about the different Jobs on board and how a career can look like. We want to present following positions:

- TV Operator
- Stage Operator
- Light Operator
- Sound Operator

Also, we want to talk about exciting challenges, a daily changing workplace and one of the most beautiful jobs in the world

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Timo Mayer
CEO/Producer/Regisseur at Little Brother Films GmbH / Lausbuben Films GmbH

Timo Joh. Mayer is filmmaker since more then 10 years, he directed theatrical feature films with national and international actors. He directed over 90 Music Videos for MTV & Viva. Since around 5 years he is into stereoscopic 3D, with this technology he produced and directed around 40 documentaries. He was under contract by the Hollywood Studio Universal for 2 ½ years and produced nature films around the world, one of the films (Amazing Ocean 3D) was released in over 70 territories worldwide and translated to more then 30 languages. At the moment he is working a lot with the VR 360 technology.

Filmmaking with new technology – Storytelling with new tools for movie directors

In this session I will cover some basics in filmmaking and the history of digital filmmaking from digital cameras, over HD and 4k to stereoscopic 3D and Virtual Reality 3D with standalone glasses. All based on what writers and directors need to know about the way of storytelling with each new technology.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Film & Animation
Mario Siokola
Head of Products at Mikme

Mario as Head of Product at Mikme is responsible for bringing the brand new Mikme wireless microphone and pocket recorder to life. Before Mikme he worked at AKG Acoustics for 10 years and 9 years at Siemens as product manager - in both companies he led several product development teams building microphones and wireless systems in the professional and consumer audio business.

Why audio is a nearly forgotten space in the modern content creation landscape

Video is king in today's content production landscape. Whether it is a company presentation, a mobile journalism story or a fashion blog. Modern smartphones and DSLRs make it incredibly easy to shoot a brilliant video with minimal effort. But what about producing excellent audio at the same time? Is the old wisdom that the key to great videos is great audio still true, and is audio still important after all? Is it, in times of one-man-production teams and instant publishing, possible to deliver great audio at all? Is there an effctive tool to do so?

In this talk the position of audio in modern content production will be looked at.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Audio, Cross Media, Business
Garry Maddison
Grading supervisor / colourist at Double Negative

The 2 time Oscar winning colourist has more than 60 feature films on his credits. Garry Maddison has worked in films such as Interstellar, Ex Machina, Trascendence, Bourne Legacy and 007: Skyfall and collaborated with directors such as Christopher Nolan, Ron Howard, Mike Leigh, Edgar Wright e Stephen Frears, among many others.

VFX Grading

As a VFX artist working operational procedures are very essential. I remember starting out as a colourist and the main problem was working with people unaware of the Colour pipeline, which led to lots of footage and a lot of time spent with fixing mistakes. Therefore my session will cover:

- how to get to the grading suite with all the colour information
- the grading process itself
- how grading works with VFX shots as these are now becoming common place in lots of short films as well features

I'll also cover how I got into the industry for any people wanting to know a starting point.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Film & Animation
Timo Klinge
Product Manager / Marketing Director at Ambient Recording GmbH

While studying Audio Engineering I was working as boom operator and location sound mixer in the field, which I continued after my degree. In 2006 I co-founded the "2Freunde Studio" mainly focusing on audio for video. Simultaneously, I was continuing my research on underwater acoustics. With several patents I founded the company Sonar Surround in 2006, which merged in 2009 with the Munich based location sound company Ambient Recording GmbH. Within Ambient I'm working as Marketing and Product Manager where we design new innovative products for the international Film- and Broadcast industry. This allows me to be in constant exchange with the market and to design even the most sophisticated workflows for AAA Hollywood productions.

Save hours in Postproduction every day with modern sync and metadata workflows

Synchronization and metadata never have been so important to our industry. Learn all about advancements in timecode, synchronization, and metadata, and the benefits they bring to today’s production workflow.
This seminar provides the information and instruction for low budget productions as well as the most sophisticated setups all around the world.
We'll discuss timecode and synchronization and provide in-depth background information, while demonstrating how to use that knowledge in the field.
If there's time left we will take a look at AAA productions like Game of Thrones, Mad Max - Fury Road, The Hobbit, 007 - Spectre and how we customized a perfect metadata and workflow due to the individual needs.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Film & Animation, Audio
Ute Berg
Dezernentin für Wirtschaft und Liegenschaften, Stadt Köln
Copyright: Birgitta Petershagen

(c) Brigitta Petershagen

Benedikt Grindel
Studiomanager, Ubisoft Blue Byte

Benedikt_Grindel_Ubisoft Blue Byte_120x120
Joachim Ortmanns
Geschäftsführer, Mediengründerzentrum NRW MGZ GmbH
Geschäftsführer/ Produzent, Lichtblick Film GmbH

Chris Müller
Geschäftsführer, SAE Institute DACH

Anne Kathrin Thüringer
Producer at
kontur medien

Ute Berg – geboren 1953 in Essen, verheiratet, zwei Kinder – ist seit dem 1. Februar 2011 Dezernentin für Wirtschaft und Liegenschaften der Stadt Köln. Vor ihrem Wechsel nach Köln leitete sie das Dezernat für Arbeit und Wirtschaft der Landeshauptstadt Kiel. Als Abgeordnete zog sie 2002 in den Deutschen Bundestag ein, dem sie bis Oktober 2009 – zuletzt als wirtschaftspolitische Sprecherin der SPD-Bundestagsfraktion – angehörte.

Benedikt Grindel ist Studio Manager des deutschen Ubisoft-Studios Blue Byte. Benedikt kam 1998 zu Ubisoft. Nach 3 Jahren im Marketing und Business Development entschied er sich, in die Spieleentwicklung zu wechseln. Als Producer betreute er die traditionsreiche Spielemarke „Die Siedler“ bei Blue Byte und baute den Bereich Live Operation für Free-to-Play-Spiele auf. Als Studio Manager übernahm er schließlich 2014 die Leitung von Blue Byte.

Joachim Ortmanns studierte Sozialpädagogik mit dem Schwerpunkt Medienpädagogik und Publizistik in Düsseldorf und Bochum. In den 80er Jahren gründete er die Lichtblick Film, die oft preisgekrönte Dokumentar- und Spielfilme produziert. Seit Ende 2011 ist er zudem Geschäftsführer des Mediengründerzentrum NRW, das nach dem Konzept „fördern – beraten – vernetzen“ einjährige Stipendien an junge Medienunternehmerinnen und -unternehmer vergibt. Joachim Ortmanns ist Absolvent der Europäischen Produzentenfortbildung EAVE und u.a. Mitglied der Deutschen und Europäischen Filmakademie. Als Lehrbeauftragter an verschiedenen Medienhochschulen ist er aktuell an der FH-Dortmund tätig.

Chris Müller ist Geschäftsführer des SAE Institute in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. Chris lernte selbst am SAE Institute und ist ausgebildeter Audio Engineer. Seit 2011 verantwortet er als Geschäftsführer die strategische Ausrichtung der Medienschule und die Erweiterung des Studienangebots.

Anne Kathrin Thüringer ist eine preisgekrönte Journalistin, Filmemacherin und Moderation für das öffentlich-rechtliche Fernsehen. Sie arbeitet als Video-Journalistin und entwickelt mit ihrer eigenen Filmproduktionsfirma „kontur medien“ crossmediale Konzepte.
Panel discussion (german):
Digitale Zukunft – Chancen und Herausforderungen in der Ausbildung für Medienberufe

Der Medienmarkt entwickelt sich seit Jahren mit zunehmender Geschwindigkeit und schafft neue Berufsbilder und Stellen. Tendenz steigend. Besonders die Nachfrage nach digital und technologisch versierten Fachkräften ist auf Seiten der Medienhäuser deutlich zu spüren. Diskutiert werden soll über die Chancen und Herausforderungen für den Einstieg in Medienberufe sowie die vielfältigen Karrieremöglichkeiten für Fachkräfte in Deutschland, insbesondere am Medienstandort NRW. Dabei fragen wir uns, welche Qualifikationen Absolventen aufweisen müssen, um erfolgreich in der Medienbranche Fuß zu fassen? Mit welchen Strategien und Instrumenten geht die Industrie auf potenzielle Fachkräfte zu? Welche Karriereperspektiven werden Berufseinsteigern geboten? Und was leistet die Politik, um den Nachwuchs beim Berufseinstieg zu unterstützen?

Type: Panel
Hitch: Beginners
General Topic
Saro Sahihi
Sound Designer / CEO at SoundBits

At my company SoundBits I do a lot of field recording, sound editing, -design and mix and also creating Sound Effects Libraries for Film, Video Games and other audio visual demands. Multi-DAW-User and always curious for something new to optimize workflows.
Working with strong partners like Pro Sound Effects, A Sound Effect, Prime Loops and many more for customers like Warner Bros, Blizzard, Remedy and more.
I had great mentors and so I also like to share (some of) my workflows, hints knowledge about sound design. I am doing this in regular workshops and lectures at SAE Institutes Stuttgart.
Always on the hunt for new and unheard sounds and exciting opportunities in the audio visual world.

Creative Sound Design Workflows

Working creatively can quickly be interrupted by too complicated or missing tools and non-intuitive interfaces.
In this compact session I'd like to give an insight in my workflows and tools when it comes to creative sound effects design.
Starting with some hints and tricks, dos and don'ts and some of my goto-tools. The main design part will be done in Presonus' Studio One.

Type: Hands-On-Workshop
Hitch: Advanced
Tim Rombach
Business Development Manager & Consultant at 711media web solutions GmbH

My professional career is focused on account management, consulting and business development.
In more than 450 Consulting-Days and 200 Pre-Sales Meeting in medium-sized and large companies in the DACH region, I could achieve one of my passion to develop and implement performance- oriented creative solutions. By the consulting services within in the last 4 years the results were more and more speaker slots at trade fairs and client- & partner-events.

Smart Data – The Internet of dialogue

The first step is to enter. As the creator of the Internet Berners-Lee "Virtual Library" published the world's first search engine. The search < INPUT > field was born and today it is the gateway to an infinite variety of information. Influenced by companies such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and Co. Our conduct of a search word combinations on the plus sign has come to be socially. We are therefore even become a kind of "search engine" and the dusty DUDEN has added "google" as this. Now the Internet of Things changed our search behavior and provides simple answers instead evaluated results. The search field will be replaced by microphones that answer questions in the data stream and reorganize our daily routine. The marketing of services and products requires new ways. Through innovative technologies and the continuous linking of the objects of our everyday life our whole lives are changing.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Web, Business
Kish Hirani
Founder at Kish Hirani

Kish Hirani marks 20 years in the video games industry this year. He started as software engineer, swiftly attaining tech director or equivalent roles at development studios and publishing house in the 90s with companies like Acclaim Studios, THQ to name a few. He moved to platform holders some 10 years ago starting with Microsoft then settling at Sony as their head of developer services for some eight years developing and managing resources for all dev support-facing technical activities including PlayStationVR for their historic PAL regions. Currently Kish is a freelance consultant/mentor in the industry as well as chairs the UK advocacy group promoting ethnic minority diversity in the video games industry.

VR, AR, … what does it take to create successful products now and in the future?

I’m have been passionate about technology, from early days of bedroom programming on my BBC B Micro-Computer in the 80s, all the way through to technical direction, developer technical services and tech evangelism at very exciting companies. The diverse fields and applications of technology keep my fascination fueled. I love video games and related advancement in technology in particular and looking forward to sharing and discussing VR, AR, everything related as it stands now and near future covering the subjects in various depth from key stakeholder to what is needed for both VR and AR to be moderately successful to eventually becoming a mass-market consumer device(s)…

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Film & Animation, Games, Cross Media
Emre Duran
FX Artist at Innogames

1991 I get my first Computer.
1994 I start to modify graphics for games

2001 Starting to do experiment with 3D
2003 Intership in Moove Online (Leverkusen)
2003-2007 3D Artist in VR Entertainment, Part Time
2004 Started to study in Hamburger Technischen Kunstschule
2008 Degree in Design of Communications

2008 Working as 3D/VFX Artist for Commercials & Feature Movies in Vienna
2011 „Farway City“ Artwork was published in Exposé 9
2012 Working for a Music Videos as VFX Artist
2012 Austrian CG Award for Best Stills 2012

2013 Back in HH, starting as Freelancer
2013 Freelancer in Xyrality as 3D Artist for a Mobile Unity Project
since 2013 Doing Workshops for Principles of Desgin, Zbrush, VFX, in SAE

September 2013, Started in Innogames as 3D Artist for Elvenar
since November 2014 as FX Artist in Innogames

Mobile Game Effects with Unreal 4

I will show you some effects from our new Innogames production, which is not released at the moment.
During this examples I will speak about the design process, the technical limitations, the work around and solutions we
are using to bring the best possible output for mobile game FX.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Experts
Denis Tahsinoglou
Marketing at Jumping Llamas UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Co-Founder of Jumping Llamas UG (haftungsbeschränkt),
studying Computer Science (B.Sc.) at University of Stuttgart,
work as a working student in software development at Bosch,
organizer of the "Stuttgart Virtual and Augmented Reality Meetup"

Immersive Gaming: Virtual Reality for Games

Head mounted displays for virtual reality such as the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift are the next generation devices in consuming digital media like games and films. Through these devices a higher level of immersion can be created more than ever before. Therefore it is important to know the current devices as well as the do's and don'ts for game programming and designing for virtual reality.

Short overview:
- short history of VR devices
- overview of the current devices
- good-to-knows for programming and designing
- do's and don'ts

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Volker Morawe
Artist at //////////fur//// art entertainment interfaces

Tilman Reiff
Artist at //////////fur//// art entertainment interfaces

//////////fur//// art entertainment interfaces, Cologne, Germany
The artist duo Volker Morawe and Tilman Reiff develops interactive automata which are a mix of media criticism, apparatus parody and games culture. Since 2001, their multi-sensory installations are connecting code, electronics, mechanics, music, and childhood memories to novel forms of experiences that usually rope in several participants simultaneously.

Their work has been awarded with numerous prices and has been exhibited from street fairs to modern art museums throughout the world.


In addition to the inherent artistic re-evaluation of the boundaries between men and his machines, humor, group experience and hormones are playing major roles in our work. Our “PainStation", for example guides two players into a duel of "Pong" with real pain, the remote controlled chain saw "/ / / / furninja" rips into design furniture and "MoshPit" is rewarding intense head-banging with heavy-metal music, stroboscope and artificial fog.
In this session we will present our provocative creations and will share with you some secrets which could change your live.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Games, Cross Media
Christoph Sladeczek
Head of Virtual Acoustics at Fraunhofer IDMT

christoph_sladeczek 120x120

Florian Richter
CEO at Sound & More

Christoph Sladeczek studied Media System Science at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany. During that time he worked as a freelance sound engineer. After receiving a Diploma in 2008 he joined the Acoustics department at Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT, Ilmenau. In the recent years, Christoph Sladeczek worked as a research assistant in the field of spatial audio and acoustics with focus on wave field synthesis. He managed several research projects and (co)-authored numerous papers. Since 2012 he is the head of the Virtual Acoustics research group at Fraunhofer IDMT. Furthermore, Christoph Sladeczek is actively involved in teaching activities at Ilmenau University of Technology. He is a member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and the German Acoustical Society (DEGA).


Since 2004 Florian Richter and his media production service Sound & More are serving the needs of well-known artists and corporations by fabricating high-quality content in the audio department. Furthermore his excellent qualification results from his 10-year working experience at the legendary Studios 301 Cologne. A shortlist of clients includes names like: Robbie Williams, One Republic, Kettler GmbH, Wilson Sporting Goods and many more. Currently he is producing media content as the copartner of High Tide Studios in Hennef near Cologne. During the last two years a close cooperation with Fraunhofer IDMT in Ilmenau, Germany was established. Main topic of the joint efforts and research is to develop new technologies by seeing through the eyes of the user and identifying his needs.

Experimenting with object-based audio in the automotive context

SpatialSound Wave is an immersive sound reproduction technology developed by Fraunhofer IDMT. Since this object-based sound (re)production system is capable of reproducing an audio scene on different loudspeaker setups, the idea is to analyze the effect of transferring a three-dimensional object-based music production to a two-dimensional listening setup - and vice versa. This talk will be about a research project of SAE Institue Cologne and Fraunhofer IDMT where a 2D wave field synthesis system installed inside a vehicle, as well as a three-dimensional studio setup were used for immersive music reproduction. Based on a previous research project, where three well-known songs had been produced for an object-based 3D sound reproduction system, five new music productions have been carried out. The content was specifically chosen for the purpose of transferring object-based audio scenes to a two-dimensional reproduction system. As this should be
carried out for different styles of music, classical, electronic and popular music had been produced.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Jian Rodblom
New Business Development Manager (Innovation, Incubation, R&D) at SAE Global

Creative Career, 20+ years
From DJ and Music Producer to Sound Engineer, Mix Engineer and Pro Tools Expert (Sound Design & Post Production).

Education and Management Career, 15+ years
From Supervisor, Lecturer and Marketing to Campus Manager, Managing Director (Soundtrade Studios/SAE Sweden) to Business Development Manager (SAE Global).

Chairman and Board Member of several Music- / Media business organisations and Tech- / Innovation networks.

”Passionate about empowering others, solving problems and creating meaningful value and in love with Music, Media, Tech, creativity, teaching and learning.”

Can you use the forces of disruption, global megatrends and innovation for a competitive advantage?
- In your profession, in learning new skills or in your work towards your main goals and dreams?

This talk and Q&A aims at exploring:

- the accelerating effects of tech advances and disruption on our lives and careers
- what these might mean for your profession, creativity, productivity and success
- how you can use a set of tools and hacks to stay ahead, engaged and ready
- detecting threats early on and grabbing the opportunities you want
- aiming at a meaningful career and expanding your potential

The session also covers other related topics such as; creative media industry movements and the future of jobs, networks, sharing, open innovation, professional development.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Business, General Topic
Patrick Leuchter
Sound Engineer, Recording Artist

Patrick Leuchter is a Cologne-based freelance sound engineer, recording artist and lecturer. His work spans various fields of audio production specialising in music, post production and sound art.

Seven Spaces - 3D music made in Cologne

Being fascinated with binaural audio and 3D sound for years, Patrick Leuchter set out to craft a very elaborate music album. In his Cologne-based recording studio he produced seven tracks, which were then re-recorded at seven iconic locations in Cologne using a Neumann KU 100 dummy head microphone, a 16.1 Focal loudspeaker array, much attention to detail and a dedicated team. Recordings were made underground in a Roman chamber tomb, a pump station and many more exciting rooms. In this seminar Leuchter walks you through the different stages of production, providing many insights into his recording approach and production philosophy as well as giving an exclusive look behind the scenes.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Shermin Voshmgir
Founder at BlockchainHub

Shermin Voshmgir is the founder of BlockchainHub and runs BlockchainHub Berlin. She is on the advisory board of the Estonian e-residencyprogram, a curator of theDAO and regularly speaks at conferences and consults on Blockchains & Smart Contracts. Shermin did her PhD in IT-Management at the Vienna University of Economics, where she used to work as an assistant professor and currently lectures blockchain related topics. Furthermore she studied film and drama in Madrid. Her past work experience ranges from internet start-ups, IT consulting & filmmaking. Among others her films have screened in Cannes and at dOCUMENTA.

Blockchain, Smart Contracts & the Decentral Web

Blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin, is considered by many to be the next big thing. Transactions on the blockchain, through smart contracts are faster & cheaper and arguably more secure than transactions that traditionally run through central neural authorities or trusted 3rd parties. This talk will give an introduction to blockchains & smart contracts, as well as actual and potential use cases on the blockchain. It's ideal for people new to the topic and who would like to have a general overview.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Business, General Topic
Jochen Voss "CrossVoss"
Cross media Producer at Prime Productions GmbH

As a crossmedia producer, Jochen „CrossVoss“ Voss is working on the merging of classic television with all kinds of digital media. At the Prime Productions GmbH he is responsible for all online activities of the weekly news-comedy „heute-show“. He also writes articles about the present and future of televison, teaches in the field of transmedia storytelling and tries to learn how to not fall off a longboard. He is also assistant lecturer at the SAE Institute Cologne.

Mission: (Im)Possible - Merging Teams In Crossmedia

How to get gamers and film people to become friends? How to make journalists and web developers understand each other? How to get creative people in all branches of industry to have fun in exploring the possibilities beyond their own horizon? This session highlights the challenges of the interdisciplinary collaboration in crossmedia projects. It shows solutions for structural problems and it explains, where to interlink the crafts and where to make them work on their own.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Film/Animation, Game, Cross Media, Web, General Topic, Recruiting
Robin Baumgarten
Independent Developer

Robin Baumgarten is a German Indie Game Developer based in London. He's a serial game jammer who is working on mobile games and strange experimental hardware controllers, and also dabbles in artificial intelligence, photography and travelling. After starting out with mobile games, he is now focusing on making custom hardware games for public spaces.

Line Wobbler: Designing and Manufacturing Custom Hardware Games

We'll go into the details of how Line Wobbler - a one-dimensional custom hardware dungeon crawler - went from just a spring and an LED strip to a successful indie hit, with particular focus on fool-proofing the hardware, iterating through exhibitions, and taking it further to museums and arcades.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Games, Cross Media
Oscar Clark
Evangelist at Unity Technologies

Oscar has been in the games industry for over 18 years, and has worked for many companies, including PlayStation Home, 3UK and is currently an evangelist at Unity Technologies. He has been involved with marketing, game design, development, launch and operations of many of the pioneer games services since the 90's. He is also the author of 'Games As A Service: How Free To Play Design Can Make Better Games' published by Focal Press. Currently he is working on 'The Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me'; the official licensed touch based mobile and tablet dance game based on Richard O'Briens Cult Musical and a successful Kickstarter project.

Putting A Price On Play

or... Why Monetisation Is A Core Game Design Skill

In this session Oscar Clark will explore why we have to stop being worried about people spending money in your game and why understanding how the skill of a Game Designer is essential to successful Monetisation.

The problem is too many game designers fail to appreciate that players don't watch Ads or buy IAP just because they "like" our games - they buy because they expect them to deliver 'future value' in our games.

It is only through understanding what influences our players' delight from playing our game that we can created deeper player engagement. In turn it is that engagement which allows us to build effective monetization.

Join This Seminar To Learn:
* What Are We Selling, Content or Gameplay?
* Designing Unfinished Business, Future Promise, Social Capital, and Dilemma
* Using Opt-in Ads to Set An Expectation of Value
* Selling Sustenance, Shortcuts, Socialization, & Strategy

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Games, Business
Tau Tau
Head of development at electric pony productions

Tau Tau began as a Chinese novelist and columnist. Her books and essays mainly deal with intercultural background and her own exotic adventures. Due to her multiple identities as successful business leader, blogger, celebrity talk show guest etc. Tau Tau has published her first essay on newspaper in 1993, when she was 12 years old. In 1997 her first novel 《IVORY FAIRYTALE》was published and remains popular for the high school and university students and was adapted into radio script and won the national award in 2002. She has published other well-received novels, 《FOXY TOWN》 2007《the LIAISONS 》 2010《SHAKE SHAKE,NORTH AFRICA》 2012.

Tau Tau is writing regular columns for newspapers and magazines such as 《THE BUND》,《SHANGHAI TIMES》, published collections of her column articles :《CRAZY TRIP》 2004《THE MAP OF AMOR》2005《SAVAGE GARDEN2005》.

After she moved to Berlin, her career has been shifted more into Film industry.
She wrote and directed the short Film 《ANGRY FRUIT HOTEL》

She's a freelance producer and also the owner of LUMAX RESOURCES
LIMITED, which has great market shares in international trade. She produced the upcoming movie OPEN WOUND and is in pre-production for several other movie projects.

She is operating several co-produtions between China and Europe/US.

Social media in China. How do they work?

Social media in China have replaced the position of the traditional media in china. What is similar and what is different to the european and to the US american Situation?

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Web, Cross Media, Business
Timo Berg
Character Animator at Illumination Mac Guff

My name is Timo. I am a character Animator at Illumination Mac Guff. I am currently working on the feature film "despicable me 3"
Since 2010 i am working as an animator for feature animation movies in europe.

I love working on good animated movies as much as i like to watch them. I like to talk, analyse and discuss them . And for that, i try to push myself and the quality of the movies that i am working on constantly a little bit higher.
Being a Character Animator

In the talk we will take a look on how it is to be working as an animator in an international studio. What is expected and what do we really need to know.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Film & Animation
Daniel Connerth
Projektmanager at Trendspurt GmbH

Daniel Connerth is a web enthusiast and at home with interactive web animations and responsive design. He seeks out to discover and push the limitations of tools and workflows, especially with Adobe Animate CC. Daniel is frontend developer, trainer, speaker and community host for modern web technologies (500+ trained creatives within the last year) and encounters interactive media with full passion.

Create Like Crazy with Adobe Animate CC

Let Animate expert Daniel Connerth take you on the Tour de Animate and learn how to squeeze the maximum out of Animate CC with essential tricks and the right extensions. Starting with the basics, Daniel will take off and provide a solid 360° round trip, packed with exciting experiments and practical examples.

This session covers the following topics:
+ workflows, big picture and a look beyond
+ obvious and not so obvious use cases of Animate CC
+ creating highly engaging web content
+ do's and don'ts (best practices)
+ power of scripting
+ inspiration and tons of samples

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Web, Film & Animation
Steffen Armbruster
CEO | Founder at FRAMED immersive projects GmbH & Co. KG

Since almost 20 years Steffen works in the production of spacial media installations. During his time as Head of the 3D & Motion Unit at dan pearlman markenarchitektur and as Head of Production at Tamschick Media + Space he was responsible for the production, postproduction and implementation of large scale installations worldwide. In the last two years Steffen developed with his own team a new immersive audiosystem that offers a until today not experienced connection between space and sound.

Immersion by video and audio and the tools to achieve it.

First I will focus on what is immersivity and how we try to achieve it.

I will then show some projects and share some of my thoughts about them.

And, as a result of these thoughts, I will introduce the new developed immersive audio system called USOMO.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Audio, Film & Animation, Cross Media
Achim Dunker
CEO, Author, Teacher, Director, DOP at

Achim_Dunker 120x120
Achim Dunker has a degree in Photo Engineering from the Cologne Institute of Technology. Since 1982, he has worked as a cameramann, director, author and educator.

Easy Lighting

The 10€ - Studio and lighting with only one flourescent tube.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Film & Animation, Cross Media, Business
Sue Turbett
Owner at
Turbett & Crew Ltd

Sue Turbett has had a long career in broadcast television at the BBC followed by four years at one of the UK’s top corporate communications agency. She now owns her own media production business providing video content for the corporate, public and third sectors.

Sue worked for BBC Television for over 20 years producing, directing and script writing for a wide range of News and Current Affairs programmes, including Newsnight with Jeremy Paxman, the 10 o'clock news with Fiona Bruce and Huw Edwards, Breakfast News, World Service Television News and the Money Programme. Sue was working in the newsroom on the day of the 9/11 attacks on the US, was part of the team that helped BBC News win the RTS 'News Channel of the Year' in 2006 and most recently was invited back to the BBC to direct an OB for the BBC's General Election coverage in May 2015.

Sue has worked with some of the world's leading brands including Avon, BP, BT, Cable & Wireless, Carlsberg, Citroën, Hyundai, Nestlé, Suzuki and Travelodge.

How to get a job!

You want to be a film director and you know it takes time to get noticed but you need to earn an income right now! This talk is about how to make the most of your skillset and earn a living while you're waiting for that big 'film' break: What can you offer? What can you expect to do? How best to present yourself? How to find out about work opportunities? And, the importance of networking and social media.

Using examples from her career in broadcast television and the corporate sector Sue will talk about her experiences and pass on her top tips for securing work in media production. There will be an opportunity to ask Sue any questions you have in a Q&A session.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Film & Animation, Cross Media, Games, Web, Audio,
Sebastian Moench
Senior Product Specialist International at Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

After successfully completing his studies in studio recording, film sound and interactive music Sebastian started working as a sound designer and composer for games.

In 2009 he joined Steinberg Media Technologies, a leading developer of audio software and hardware. As Senior Product Specialist International he trains staff of broadcast stations, game developers, recording studios and musicians, while also supporting the development of new features.

Sebastian has several years of experience in game audio and teaches this topic at SAE Hamburg.

He is member of the "Verband Deutscher Tonmeister".

Game Audio Production with Steinberg

This seminar will introduce you to the production of audio for computer and video games.

Here is a brief overview of the topics we will talk about:

- A brief history of audio in games
- Game audio basics
- Dialogue recording
- Sound design
- Music for games
- Current developments

No previous knowledge of this topic is required. Knowledge of general audio engineering will be helpful, but is not mandatory.

Questions will be welcome!

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Audio, Games
Anne Kathrin Thüringer
Producer at
kontur medien


Roman Kern
Producer at
kontur medien

Anne Kathrin Thüringer is an award-winning journalist, filmmaker and presenter for national public TV in Germany. She works as video journalist and develops crossmedia concepts for her own film production company "kontur medien".
For the winter semester 2015/2016 Anne Kathrin and her business partner Roman Kern led an interdisciplinary cross Media Seminar in Hamburg developing a history app together with students from two universities.

Roman Kern is a freelance journalist for German public TV and radio with a strong liking for the production side of things - filming and editing. As part of a team, he co-develops crossmedia concepts with a journalistic approach. Currently, he works on his first cinema documentary film with a team of colleagues. There, he combines his passion for telling stories with his fascination for technology. Together with Anne Kathrin Thüringer, he runs "kontur medien", a Berlin based media production company.
He also hosts "kernstück", his own monthly radio show for Berlin based BLN.FM.

The challenge of storytelling

More than ever before, our world is based on information: computers and algorithms generate amounts of data that humans simply cannot process anymore. But this data means something only when connected to other pieces of information: It's value becomes visible when we interpret it. This is where storytelling and dramaturgy come into play as we only remember what moves us: stories are entertainment, but more importantly, they enable us to learn and to grow. We use them to construct our reality and - in the form of biography - we create even identity and our very selves.

But we are not easily moved, we all know that from school: Kings and their wars only sparked our interest when presented as a coherent narrative. This is hard enough with fiction. But how do real facts become narratives, by what secret laws are such stories held together? And what obstacles are they facing in today`s TV business, before finally reaching a public craving for ever more entertainment?

Anne Kathrin Thüringer and Roman Kern will present you with a critical look behind the scenes of German TV production and talk about the challenge of telling stories as author and producer. And they report back from a peculiar type of lab: During winter semester 2015/16, they held an interdisciplinary seminar - a joint venture between the "Universität Hamburg" and the "Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg". The mission goal: Teaching students how to unravel history as a compelling narrative within a multi- and crossmedial app.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Cross Media, Film/Animation
Jacob Hellner
Producer at Big Island Sound AB

Jacob Hellner
Been working as a producer for 25 years. Rammstein, Clawfinger, Apocalyptica are some of the artists I´ve been working with.

Working as a producer

I will talk about how I got started in the business and my view on record production.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Geoff Sauvé
Manager, Artist Relations & Marketing
at Shutterstock / PremiumBeat

As Marketing and Artist Relations Manager at Shutterstock, Geoff is responsible for scouting and attracting new music producers to expand Shutterstock's composer roster. Over the past year, he's traveled across Europe and the US, presenting at top international music schools, e.g. Berklee College of Music, dBs, Guildhall School of Music, SAE and at key industry events and conferences such as ASCAP Expo and CMW. His presentations and conferences have focused on Composing for tv and advertisements and on The different ways to make a living as a music producer nowadays.

As a Berklee master graduate, the 28-year old composer/producer is also pursuing his own music career, under his first name Geoffroy. His debut EP, Soaked in Gold, was released by Montreal-based label Bonsound in November of 2015. He is now composing his full album, expected for February 2017.

Shutterstock Music: Calling all Music Producers -
Earn Money on Every Track

Shutterstock powers one of the world's largest marketplaces for production music. Our tracks are licensed every day for videos, films, apps, games and television by the world’s largest companies, including Apple, Facebook, Google and Samsung. During this in-depth session, our Artist Relations & Marketing Manager will explain how we work with our music producers and provide pro tips on producing high-quality music for licensing. Shutterstock will also have a table at the SAE Alumni convention to meet producers and composers interested in joining our artist roster. Come and say hi to find out more!

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Audio, Recruiting
Tom Ammermann
General Manager at New Audio Technology

Tom_Ammermann 120x120
Starting as a musician in the 80'th, Tom Ammermann became to be a music producer in the early 90’th for music, advertising and film. As a founder of the Luna Studio 1995 in Hamburg he raise the level of production quality and worked with many local musicians as well as projects.
2000 he begun to work on surround productions for music and film projects as well as creates his first Headphone Surround mixes what became his brand.
2008 he started with the Blu-ray project ‘forsenses’ for Sony Music Entertainment with 3D audio productions.
2009 Tom Ammermann started to invent and develop new audio software products to create content for 3D / immersive audio entertainment. One is the Spatial Audio Designer who was used by Lucasfilm creating the Auro-3D mix for the first immersive audio movie ‘Red Tails’ in 2011.
2012 he founded the New Audio Technology where further products like the Spatial Sound Card and the Spatial Audio Game Engine (SAGE) was developed.
Currently Tom Ammermann is working on new technologies in spatial audio and do presentations on high level audio conferences like AES conventions & conferences, Tonmeistertagung, SAE Alumnis and the International Conference of Spatial Audio (ICSA).
Some references: Stargate, Million Dollar Baby, Terminator 2, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Traffic, Gangs of New York, I, Frankenstein, Expendables I-III and Kraftwerk 3D.

From Peter Gabriel to Kraftwerk
in 3D audio for headphones

3D / immersive audio for headphones will be one of the main application in the future because everybody can enjoy it right a way without huge home entertainment speaker environments. So to know how to produce content for such application will be a main issue and great chance for young producers. The presentation will give inside of how to do, available tools and the possible business for content creators. A lot of listening examples will be shown.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Audio, Games
Jürgen R. Weber
Founder at electric pony productions

Jürgen studied Opera Direction in Hamburg under the auspices of the legendary Götz Friedrich. After getting a BfA he began working on documentary and short films, as well as music videos. This laid the groundwork for the next few years writing and directing for numerous German television stations. In 2005 Jürgen returned to his operatic roots, concentrating primarily on late romatic operas. In the past few years he has directed in Hamburg, Leipzig, Erfurt and Chemnitz. The pop-culture aesthetic and ironic de-construction of the late-romantic opera and his opposition to the Regietheater defined Jürgen's trademark approach to the genre. In 2011 Jürgen directed "Robin Hood" by Albert Dietrich at the Theater Erfurt, Franz Lehár's "The Merry Widow" at the Mainfranken Theater in Würzburg, as well as the critically acclaimed world premiere of British composer Jonathan Dove's chamber opera "Swanhunter". In this production he also did the stage and costume design. He directed the Opera "Der Traum ein Leben" written by the Walter Braunfels and "Holofernes" by Reznicek in Bonn and Handels "Hercules" in Oldenburg. He is writing a libretto for a Karl Marx Opera "Marx in London" and is composing a Zombie-Opera called WTF. He is finishing the post-production of his erotic thriller "Open Wound - the Über-movie" and preparing several new movies and other projects.

Non linear movies. WTF?

Generative/Non linear feature movies for a big market.

How to make the concept.
How to write them.
How to program them (From a Director POV).

Including: Short History of generative Art and non linear movies.
Example of such a project: "Master Bao explains everything"

Type: Talk
Hitch: Experts
Film & Animation, Cross Media, Business, Recruiting
Markus Bertram
CEO at mbakustik GmbH

markus_bertram 120x120
Markus Bertram studied electrical engineering with a focus on "Technical Acoustics" at the University of Bremen and the University of Bochum. After graduation in 1995 he has worked as a staff project engineer with the design and installation of audio and multimedia studios. From 1999 to 2001, Mr. Bertram has taught at the University of Münster as a lecturer studio technology. Following the desire for self-employment he has established mbakustik in 2001 in northern-Germany, which specializes in the development, manufacturing and distribution of acoustic products for sound studios. Mr. Bertram is active throughout Europe as a studio designer and site managers in the fields of room and building acoustics. He is a founding member of the German Institute of Acoustics and founded the Home Acoustics Group in 2013.

Absorption vs. diffusion

(Almost) everything you need to know about the two most popular acoustic modules:

- how do they work
- how are they used
- pros and cons
- is DIY worth a try?

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Robin-Manuel Thiel
Technical Evangelist at Microsoft

As a Technical Evangelist, Robin-Manuel talks about new IT trends by day and turns into a tinker and developer by night, which often leads to insufficient sleep. He loves technology, mobility and everything with a power plug and blogs about his experiences at pumpingco.de.

One code to rule them all!

Write apps for iOS, Android, Windows and the Web at once with one single code base and get rid of multiple languages, toolchains and development teams for the same single project. This talk shows the most modern approaches to streamline mobile development while still providing native applications and saving a lot of money!

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Games, Web, Business
Jürgen Schwörer
Senior Application Engineer at Shure

Jürgen Schwörer has been an Application Engineer with Shure since 2000. His dedication is with the educational side of the business as well as with the technical part itself. Ever since he has been with Shure one of his main responsibilities lies in giving vocational school seminares covering wired and wireless microphone techniques.

Analog vs. Digital wireless systems

Since several years digital wireless systems are on the market. What are the advantages of this new technology and the benefits in comparison to the analog systems. Are there any disadvantages??

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Philipp Schwenker
Product Manager at beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG

I'm the Product Manager for Stage / Studio and Broadcast microphones at beyerdynamic. After finishing the SAE Audio Engineering Bachelor Degree, my passion for microphones, acoustics and electroacoustics quickly led me to beyerdynamic where I manage and support several projects regarding wired, as well as wireless microphones.
As a Sounddesigner and Studio Engineer I'm always looking for aural experiences that amaze people and ways to capture sound perfectly.

Dynamic Microphones in Stage and Studio Applications

You'll find a large variety of dynamic microphones for different applications on stages and in studios worldwide, where most models serve the same purpose. But why are we using those specific microphones? What are the technical preferences and why are we reluctant to experiment?

We will take a deep look into the concept of dynamic microphones, get a better understanding and hopefully clear some prejudices.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Dennis Jackstien
Engineer for media technology at ARRI Cine Technik GmbH & Co. Betriebs KG

Dennis_ Jackstien_120x120
• 15 years experience in film- & TV-lighting (as electrician & gaffer)
• 5 years part of the ARRI R&D-Team for LED-luminaires
• productmanager for ARRI lighting
• now freelancer & trainer for ARRI lighting, specialized in LED-technology

LED technology for film & television

ARRI SkyPanels are one of the strongest LED luminaires on the market! But the real core of the ARRI LED technology is not only brightness, it is light- and color quality. Dennis Jackstien explains the importance of quality questions, demonstrates the nifty features of ARRI LED units like calibrated LED engines, full color control or digital gel selection and tells, why even the ARD TAGESSCHAU or STARWARS have chosen ARRI LED.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Film & Animation
Andreas Friesecke
Academic Manager at SAE GmbH
Developing hard- and software since over 30 years and in several areas like audio and automotive I am experianced in combining hard- and software from scratch to functional devices. As wireless communication became more and more available I started playing around with Bluetooth and proprietary formats in the ISM & SRD-band. The latest projects focus on adding Wifi-functionality to devices and bring them into the intranet.

Internet of Things - playing around with the ESP8266 WiFi-module

Whether it's a simple sensor or a remote controlled machine, it became easy these days to add WiFi-functionality to devices. Using the low cost ESP8266 module several possibilities will be shown how devices can get networking functionality. From simple controlling a switch or requesting sensor data to more sophisticated server applications this workshop will show some quick solutions with the ESP8266 WiFi-module.

Type: Hands-On-Workshop
Hitch: Advanced
Web, General Topic
Kerstin Götze
Lead Android Developer at RockAByte GmbH

I work as a software engineer for more than ten years now with a focus on native Android development since 2012. I am especially interested in all topics around code quality and agile development. I always try to have a clean and understandable architecture which welcomes testing as much as possible.

My first computer game: Monkey Island 🙂

Why making your Code compile is not enough - Tools and Best Practices to boost your Team’s Code Quality

Software development goes much further than simply typing code and making it work somehow. The quality of this code matters at least as much, especially if you work in a team. This talk will show by the example of a simple Android App, which methods, conventions and tools exist in order to monitor, improve and ensure the quality of your code.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced

Senior International A&R at Imagem Music

Multi Platinum and Gold awarded songwriter and producer.

Currently the Senior International A&R of Imagem (Daft Punk, Mark Ronson).

The Realities of the Music Business

I will discuss all aspects of the music business for modern songwriters, producers, artists and managers.
It will be a clear and honest look on the realities that you usually dont hear about and dont find in any books

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Music Business
Pascal Luban
Game designer at The Game Design Studio

Pascal Luban 120x120
Pascal is a freelance creative director and game designer based in France.

Working as game designer since 1995, he has been commissioned by major studios and publishers including Activision, SCEE, Ubisoft and DICE. In particular, he was lead level designer on the ´versus´ multiplayer versions of both Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory and creative director on Wanted – Weapons of Fate.
Leveraging his design experience on consoles, Pascal works on mobile games (Wars & Battles, Hockey Legends, Tropical Wars).

His mobile game, The One Hope, published by Gmedia, received the Best In Gaming award at the 2009 Digital Media Awards of Dublin.

Pascal is design consultant for the Kainuu Gaming Cluster in Finland and gives master classes in Europe.

The heart and soul of successful free-to-play games

The purpose of this introductory talk is to understand they key design features needed to develop a successful free-to-play games by analyzing the real-life example from a highly successful freemium title.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners

The development of a level design, from concept to final tuning

The object of this talk is to introduce key constraints of level design and to see how they were managed in a real-life case: The development of the level design I did on Twist and Pop, a match-3 game for iOS.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Pascal Körfer
Android Mobile and Unity Developer at RockAByte GmbH

I work as a software developer with main focus on native Android and Unity cross platfrom development. Currently I am involved in the creation of an Unity mobile game and different native Android applications.
I am especially interested in Android and game development. I always try to expand my knowledge and to create something new and interesting.

My first game: The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time

Android Game Development - basics and best practices for creating multiplayer content

Developing a multiplayer application can quickly transform into a complicated task. With knowledge of the basic functionalities and best practices for creating such an application this task can be done with ease.
Using an existing project, this talk will show how a multiplayer application could be designed. In addition existing restrictions, best practices and basics of the underlying architecture will be covered.

- Usage and advantages of multiplayer applications
- Android architecture for creating multiplayer content
- Existing foundations and structures
- Development restrictions
- Do´s and don´ts
- Future prospects

Type: Talk
Hitch: Advanced
Andreas Dahn
Director & VFX Artist

AndreasDahn_Regie 120x120
Marc Fragstein

Luis Schöffend

Andreas Dahn has been working in the field of visual effects in Germany and India since 2001. His credits include the Emmy-awarded series “Game of Thrones“, Roland Emmerich’s „White House Down“ und Wes Andersons „The Grand Budapest Hotel“ as well as Oscar-nominated shorts like “The Gruffalo” and “Room on the Broom”. He studied directing and visual effects at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. "Schlupp" is about to become his feature film debut.

Schlupp - bringing a children's classic back to life

To create a high-value children's film is a long endeavour - especially when it includes a cute animated robot. Director & VFX Artist Andreas Dahn bought the original book rights to the famous "Augsburger Puppenkiste" TV series "Schlupp vom grünen Stern" to turn it into a fresh feature film for today's audience. In this talk, Andreas Dahn and the sounddesigners Marc Fragstein and Luis Schöffen will talk about their work on the teaser, which has been cruicial in convincing the production company "Lieblingsfilm" and the Baden-Württemberg film fund.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Film & Animation, Audio
Marion Kapferer
Founder/Freelance Artist at FiveStrokes Graphic & Design

I am a freelance graphic artist, with over ten years of experience in creating art and design professionally.
I run "FiveStrokes", a freelance design studio that was founded in 2014. I graduated with honors as Master of Arts from the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg, Austria in 2012. After studying Multi Media Art with focus on Animation and Game Design, I was part of a mid-sized developer studio in the games industry for three years, where I created all kinds of 2D- and 3D-graphics and animations.
In August 2013 I released my first book: Light Aesthetics in Games and since February 2014 I also do guest lectures and courses in Concept Art and Digital Painting.

These days I work on games and other projects all over the world for small to big studios!

Getting a job in three steps - tipps for a successful entry into the games industry

As a student, the most important thing after graduation is to immediately find a job in your field of work. In the games industry it becomes more and more difficult to get hired by a studio right away, because competition for any open positions comes from all over the world in an industry where only raw talent and diligence makes you stand out. Nevertheless, there are certain steps than can be taken before and during the application process, to make sure you get recognized by a company and drastically increase your chances of getting hired. In this talk, I will explain what can be done and speak from my personal experiences, as well as answer all job-related questions.

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners
Wolfgang Walk
Co-Owner at Grumpy Old Men

Wolfgang_Walk_SW_8540 120x120
Making games since 1991, on a professional level since 1995: 1995-2000 as an internal producer and author at Blue Byte, 2001-2005 as an internal producer at Massive Development. I have been a freelancing producer, author, director and designer ever since for numerous clients all over Europe. Since 2006 I’m also lecturing in these fields at a number of universities over Germany.

In 2014 Michael Hengst and I founded the consulting company “Grumpy Old Men”, specialized on consulting young start-ups in the games industry.

What is the meaning of "Designing Games"?

A lot of people are game designers - and even more people want to be one. But what does it mean to be a game designer? What is the job about? What kind of qualifications do I need? What kind of design fields need to be occupied? How are they connected? And why is game design much more than just a fun job dealing with games?

Type: Talk
Hitch: Beginners