Dropr: Beta of new Hosting Platform for Images, Audio, Video, Text & Interactive

Posted 5 Dez 2011
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Dropr is:
An artwork hosting platform that aims to bring together artists of all media & backgrounds by crushing the walls between sharing music, visual and interactive content online. Providing members with a very well-thought set of tools it makes it easy to gain exposure, network and stay inspired.

Dropr is a dream-come-true for someone who wants to maintain an attractive portfolio with the least amount of hassle. We’ve built a simple & intuitive interface which makes sharing & discovering artwork, of any kind, quick & fun.

Dropr may even be the best way for you to expose your creations. Easily.

Dropr lets you share all types of online media: Image, Audio, Video, Text & Interactive. Choose to display them together in projects or separately to tell your story the best way. It’s completely up to you.

Dropr portfolios are like clouds spread on the sky. Each of them contains drops of artwork. When someone comes to view your cloud, the drops come falling in a colourful shower of art.

This probably could be explained better, but living in UK, clouds are the first thing that comes up our minds.

Dropr is about the creative content not profile pages and statuses. We left all the unnecessary social-networkness out and just make it easy to find some inspiration, exchange feedback and find a few clients and fans.

Anyhow, if you want to bring your friends closer, you can connect your Dropr to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Two of the nicest things here are the STRAW (System That Relates Artists & Work) and AAAAA! (Always Active Art Awesomeness Algorythm!). Two applications that tediously work in the background and use their sophisticated algorithms to connect content and people.

Dropr is not yet complete.
There are plenty of nice things to come.



Auf diese Neuheut hat uns Raphael Löhle, Head Instructor Digital Film & VFX, SAE Institute München, aufmerksam gemacht.

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