SAE Milan Students and Staff involved in Hit Single Music Video

Posted 19 Aug 2010
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The music video of the hit single “Ritornerò” by Kosmi and Bunna from the first SAE Live Class Compilation has been released.

SAE Live Class is a creative laboratory founded three years ago at SAE Milan. Students can access it and fully exploit their creativity participating in real working experiences such as live sets, concerts, and – as in this case – record productions.

This track – featuring the lead singer of a famous Italian Reggae band called Africa Unite, Bunna – represents an important collaboration between SAE Milan and major artists, supported by Indie label Midfinger Records.

Marco “Granstà MSV” Villa, who contributed founding SAE Live Class, produced the track and created the subject for the music video. He comments: “Working on this project has been very interesting: Kosmi is a fresh and malleable rapper, while Bunna is a big artist, a mature and true Reggae voice. Putting together these two personalities in an urban-electro-rock vibe was exciting. But we wouldn’t have made it without the collaboration of very talented students and professionals connected to the SAE Institute world. As for the music-video the aim was to create a setting in which the two performers were able to escape from a fake and disturbed reality by finding the antidote to it, like new music and creativity could be. So we see them going away and after that might come back to the real world with a new spirit – Ritornerò is Italian and means: I will come back.”

A short Making Of

The music video was directed and edited by a production company Lab8, which is totally formed by SAE graduates in Digital Film Making. The music production has been taken care of by Electronic Music Production and Audio Engineering students as well as professionals sharing their skills. Among them, Audio Engineering student Simone Locci worked on the project creating part of the electronic programming. SAE teachers and two other professional engineers, Ivan Rossi (also lecturer at SAE) and Matteo Cantaluppi, performed the mixing.

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